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Ion Cleanse

It is a treatment that involves immersing the feet in water with controlled ionization and is used to detoxify and purify our bodies*. Non-invasive and without causing any pain, ionic detox therapy helps to boost energy levels favoring a better state of health and wellness*.

This therapy is applied directly to the foot as it is one of the areas of the body that has pores which is effective for ion exchange. In addition to removing toxins from our body, ionic detox provides an ample amount of negative ions that are responsible for staying healthy, alert, and relaxed to prevent the spread of any disease*.


- Promotes increased activity of internal organs*.
- Reduces acidosis*.
- Neutralizes and removes toxins and free radicals*.
- Improves mood*.
- Purifies the blood and facilitates their circulation*.
- Improves performance and energy*.
- Supports falling asleep*.
- Strengthens the immune system*.
- Balances hormonal disorders*.
- Assists in weight loss* and many more.

Important recommendations:

- Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.
- Not to be used by people with organ transplants, pacemaker or any other magnetic device.
- Not to be used by persons suffering from epilepsy; or people with prostheses Platinum or Titanium.
- It is very important to have eaten before initiating Ionic Detox therapy. Similarly, the patient should be well hydrated and be drinking plenty of water during treatment.
- To repeat the therapy wait at least 3 weeks.
- In children, the duration of the session for therapy will be up to 15 minutes.