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Pain Therapy

Pain is a signal of something unpleasant happening to our body indicating to us that something could be wrong. It can be caused in any part or organ of our body, from the nervous cells that are located underneath the skin to a bruise, wound, or any illness than can cause pain.

The receptive nervous cells are in charge of sending a signal of pain through the spine to the brain. Taking medicine will stop the pain from reaching the brain.

There are moderate levels of pain such as: strong, intense, chronic or irritable. Each one of them could associate with different types of problems like:

- Physical disorders.
- Swelling of the tissues.
- Various illnesses.
- Injuries to the nerves.
- Chemotherapy.
- Neuropathy.

The treatment to follow depends especially on the pain that you have and its intensity. At the moment we can find a vast variety of treatments to alleviate the pain and its phases. However not all of them can be applied to any type of pain. It will be the doctor who will analyze and determine the best treatment to have in order to alleviate the pain.

Main Pain Therapy:

- Magnetic Therapy.
- Laser Therapy.
- Heat Therapy.
- Ultrasound Therapy.
- Neurostimulation.
- Electro-stimulators.
- Electro-acupuncture.
- Bio-wave Frequency Generators.