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Ion Balance

Ions are electrically charged atoms. According to the Canadian Medical Association, all we contain are positive ions such as ammonium, calcium, hydrogen, magnesium, potassium and sodium. These ions play important roles in the body, such as:

- Acid-base balance produced by the metabolism of proteins.
- Muscle contraction.
- Nerve conduction.
- Blood clotting.
- Functions of the heart.
- Formation of bones and teeth.

Our body also contains negative ions such as bicarbonate, chloride and phosphate. These ions play vital roles in:

- Acid-base balance.
- Neutralizing stomach acid.
- Balance of water; component of stomach acid.
- Acid-base balance in the formation of bones and teeth.
- Protein metabolism.
- Energy metabolism.
- Structure of cell membranes.

There is a good balance between positive and negative ions that our body strives to maintain. Unfortunately we accumulate toxins that prevent the body to perform this function. It is believed that the toxicity increases its positive ions.

To correct this problem, ionic detox therapy adds to the body's negative ions, which promotes proper ion balance*. Our body then cleans repairs and rebuilds cells to continuously feel healthier and younger.