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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

The ReBuilder® is the best Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment*.

There exist several treatments for neuropathy. The overwhelming majority of treatment use pharmaceutical drugs to control or block pain, these kinds of treatments are classified as palliative.

The ReBuilder® is an electronic device that has been recommended by many doctors to treat neuropathy*. It is effective, non- invasive, without any secondary effects, and is simple to use.

This small device is no bigger than your hand, it sends small signals or impulses of a healthy nerve wavelength. The impulse sent by the ReBuilder’s forms a closed-circuit in the lower and upper halves of your body to treat the body´s nerves and muscles, renovating, re-educating, and refortifying them*.

The ReBuilder® has a microprocessor incorporated that measures the physiological functions of the nerves and adjusts automatically to the necessities of the user. That way, it is extremely effective on any type of neuropathy. It does not matter if you suffer from peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, poly-neuropathy, or any other kind of neuropathy*.

Treating neuropathy with the ReBuilder®, you can expect a dramatic reduction in pain of neuropathy. In many cases, completely revert neuropathy*.

The healthy signals of the ReBuilder® are:

- Re-educate the nerves.
- Re-polarize the nervous membranes.
- Re-establish the impulses of the nervous systems.
- Increase the blood circulation.

rebuilder eliminate the painful symptoms of neuropathy

With the ReBuilder’s treatment a repolarization is produced, re-educating the nerves, making sure they follow a fixed route. The nerves are simulated so that the nerve impulses are able to join in a synaptic union. In this way it allows the regeneration of neurons, new connections and the myelin over time*. Also, the blood flow is restored to regain the sensibility to the extremities of the body. Returning the nerves to their natural state, allows them to continue normal function on their own*. During the treatment process, regular pain treatment will be less necessary.

During the treatment process of the ReBuilder®, you will achieve better sleep, reduced stress, augment the flexibility of the treated body parts*. The ReBuilder® is also effective with treating skin ulcers for people suffering with foot-diabetes*.

The ReBuilder® does not require pharmaceutical drugs and/or invasive surgeries.

Two 30 minute sessions will be enough time to feel the effects of the ReBuilder®.

fda registered

The ReBuilder® is registered in the FDA as a type 2 medical device. It is recommended for the following:

- Chronic pain*.
- Post-surgical pain*.
- Muscle spasms*.
- Increasing local blood circulation*.
- Prevent or slow muscle atrophy*.
- Re-educate muscles*.
- Increase the range of motion*.
- Prevention of venous thrombosis*.

The use of the ReBuilder® does not have any side effects. It is a treatment proven to work on every kind of ailment. It does not interfere or interact with any treatment or medication. Currently, millions of people all over the world, enjoy the benefits that are achieved with following a neuropathic treatment with the ReBuilder®*.

The ReBuilder® has proved to be exceptionally effective in treating the following afflictions:

  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Poly-neuropathy
  • Herpes Zoster
  • PHN
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal injuries
  • Post-Polio
  • Lympho edema/inflammation
  • Parkinson´s disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Physical injury
  • Vascular stroke
  • Secondary effects of chemotherapy
  • Trauma or injuries such as amputations or surgeries, and more.

Use of the ReBuilder®

using rebuilder

The ReBuilder® is easy to use, there are different methods of use, they depend on the symptoms of the patient and/or their comfort during use.

The ReBuilder® comes with adhesive pads. Place them on the bottom of your feet or the palms of your hands. Sit down and begin the treatment for 30 minutes. The ReBuilder® will adjust its frequency 7.83 times per second to adapt to your body`s biology.

Additionally, you can use the other accessories to transmit the ReBuilder´s signals, such as: annular electrodes, conductive gloves/socks, and foot pads.

You can use the annular electrodes to treat areas such as your ankles, knees, muscles, wrists, elbows, hips, and waist. These electrodes complement the potency of the 7.83 frequency and cause the ReBuilder´s signal to concentrate more on the zone where it’s been placed.

Use the conductive gloves or socks to obtain a stronger effect over your fingertips or toes. It is recommended to wet the garments with the electrolyte solution. It is recommended to purchase these conductive accessories to improve the ReBuilders conductivity. Place the conductive gloves and/or socks and connect the cables then turn on the ReBuilder®.

The foot pads are the most effective ways to realize the full effects of the ReBuilder®. Just place the foot pads on the floor, spray the electrolyte solution on the foot pads, place your feet on them and turn on the ReBuilder®. You can also treat your hands with the pads. Wet the foot pads with the electrolyte solution and place the tips of your fingers in the foot pad.

Use the ReBuilder® twice a day, daily, during the first 2 months, then 1-2 days a week and finally use the ReBuilder® whenever it is necessary.

One benefit of the ReBuilder® treatment is that it promotes the liberation of endorphins, and relieves pain and anxiety in the whole body*.


General TENS block pain signals. The ReBuilder® opens the nervous pathways, and re-educates them to send painless signals to the brain. This, combined with the increase of blood flow from the muscular contractions makes it possible to restore nerves and the reversion of neuropathy*. It is not a camouflage or temporary pain relief.

How does the ReBuilder® work?

The ReBuilder® works by measuring your nerves and then treating them with healing pulses specifically tuned to your needs at 7.83 times per second to recuperate your natural nerve function.


When you first turn your ReBuilder® on, it sets its output parameters based on your physical mass by measuring the electrical analog and digital burden of your body. The ReBuilder® is able to identify its users body type regardless of gender or weight. The ReBuilder® is also able to easily identify the location of the body it is being used on. This is a unique safety feature of the ReBuilder®. No other device offers such level of safety.

Automatic Bio-Feedback

The ReBuilder® then sends out a signal that represents the most common waveform for healthy peripheral nerves. (Diagram # 1) This signal goes from one foot, up the leg to the nerve roots in your back, down the other leg, to the other foot. It then scans for a response from this initial signal. When this initial signal reaches the other foot, an automatic response sends a signal back to the ReBuilder® reinitiating the process.

a normal waveform
Diagram # 1, a normal waveform.

Automatic Review of your current nerve function

The ReBuilder® analyzes this returned signal in a split second and detects the nerves dysfunctions.

Just as a Cardiologist can analyze the results of the waves of an EKG monitor and diagnose what is wrong with the heart of a patient, we know now that the peripheral nerves have a very particular shape to its waveform, and we can diagnose the nature of the problem from analyzing that waveform.

an abnormal waveform
Diagram #2, an abnormal waveform.

This feature is built into the ReBuilder® and processed by its internal microprocessor.

Automatic Adjustments 7.83 times per second

The ReBuilder® then creates a compensating waveform. Where there is too much energy being displayed, the ReBuilder® re-tunes the treating waveform to reduce that energy. Where the waveform indicates too little energy, it increases the energy in that area. This process repeats 7.83 times every second sending, analyzing, creating, compensating, and re-sending this new signal.

Abnormal waveform overlaid by the ReBuilder® therapeutic waveform
Diagram #3: Abnormal waveform overlaid by the ReBuilder® therapeutic waveform.

Common TENS is a simple toy

A common TENS signal uses an irregular, uninhibited, simple signal (square wave) 90 to 100 times per second to stop the nerve from operating. This may temporarily give some pain relief, but can cause various side effects such as: numbness, permanent damage of the nerve cell or permanent paralysis.

ReBuilder® Pacemaker Analogy

Effectively, the ReBuilder® preforms as a pacemaker would for your heart´s electrical signals. If the pacemaker sends the incorrect signals, then the four chambers of the heart may not pump correctly and if the signal is irregular the heart stops. So, the ReBuilder´s controlled waveforms induces your nerves to convey their signals in the correct order.

Nervous Stimulation

The ReBuilder® stimulates the muscles of your calves to improve blood flow in your legs (or hands) by utilizing your body´s blood system (Venous muscle pump). Another interesting benefit of the ReBuilder® is that, if it is used while sleeping, many patients have reported improved sleep and relieved pain*.

ReBuilder® Model Comparisons.

FeaturesReBuilder® 300ReBuilder® 2407
Pain Relief*okok
Increase of blood circulation*okok
Strengthen weak muscles*okok
5 Year Technical Warrantyokok
9 Volt Batteryokok
Setting 7.83 Hzokok
Easy to carry even in your pocketok
TENS separate setting (only pain)ok
EMS separate setting (muscular strength and blood flow)ok
Advanced casesok
Dual outputs (treats 2 areas at the same time)ok
AC Adapterok
33% more powerfulok
Big knobs (easy to use for arthritic fingers)ok

The ReBuilder® 2407 works with frequencies 7.83 Hz, TENS and EMS; while the ReBuilder® 300 only operates with the frequency of 7.83 Hz.

The ReBuilder® 2407 works with a 9 volt battery the same as the ReBuilder® 300, the advantage being of the 2407 that it can also work with an adapter of 110v, which makes it 33% more powerful.

rebuilder models

The ReBuilder® 2407 has two outputs so that the person can receive the treatment simultaneously to the feet, hands and back. You can adjust the level of intensity by using the knob that is on the device. The ReBuilder® 300 only has one output and one knob to control the level of intensity.

The ReBuilder® 2407 has a weight of 10 oz with battery and dimensions of 3 "x 1.5" x 6.5 ". For his part ReBuilder® 300 weighs 8 oz with battery and its dimensions are 2 3/8" x 3 ¾ " x 1 ".

The ReBuilder® 2407 is capable of switching off by its own, only after 30 minutes of treatment. However, with the ReBuilder® 300 you have to control the time and switch it off manually.

The ReBuilder® 2407 is recommended for the treatment of advanced neuropathies, while the ReBuilder® 300 is suitable for moderate neuropathies in its initial state.

7.83 Frequency Specifications

Pulse duration: 240 microseconds negative / 1.458 microseconds positive.
Pulse shape: Asymmetrical, biphasic, with very short positive spike for nerve stimulation combines with a broad peak of longer duration for muscle stimulation. This is followed by a much longer negative curve.
Pulse repetition rate: Switch-selectable: 7.83 Hz (+10%) 100Hz the pulse rate changes during the treatment session based upon biofeedback from the patient.
Peak charge per pulse: 4 micro Coulombs (µC).
Pulse amplitude: 0 to 40 V continuously variable.
Peak pulse current: 0 to 50 mA.