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MFIII of Switzerland

MFIII of Switzerland is a trademark of LABDOM SUISSE INC laboratories offering top quality products brand cell therapy.

The MFIII products naturally support the rejuvenation and revitalization of the body through cell regeneration*.

The research team MFIII has the best scientists in the world. It consists of chemicals, cell therapists, biologists and physicians. The research and development center is installed in Switzerland.

After decades of research using the most modern technology for the development of regenerative cell therapy, MFIII of Switzerland has become the Swiss cell therapy in a treatment that has been accepted and used worldwide.

The MFIII scientist team made a deep investigation of the sheep placenta benefits and invented the first placenta supplement for oral administration in the world. This has been improved over the time until getting the soft gels containing a bio-active compound of sheep placenta extract with a new formula called MFIII PE Advanced Formula.

After this, MFIII of Switzerland developed several antiaging solutions for therapeutic and cosmeceutical use*. Other innovations have been developed in the cellular therapy field that includes fresh frozen live cells, phyto-cells based 100% in vegetal placenta cells, Nano Cell extracts and more.