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German Cell Therapy

Keeping healthy, full of vitality and good health has become a daily struggle that many people lose. Actually our lives are full of stress and we are affected by many types of contaminations that deteriorate us slowly throughout the whole body. Everything starts at a cellular level, the deterioration starts to accumulate provoking side effects initially to the organs, and afterwards the body system will manifest in illnesses or premature ageing.

Cellular therapy covers this problem from the start, that is to say at a cellular level, allowing our body to recover from the inside its function and energy*. Cellular therapy is based in the regeneration of the cells of the organs or body system*.

Regardless of the origin, all cells from the same organ is the same in nature. Meaning that the cells correspond to the same organ of an animal or another, including man they are biologically similar. To explain it better, a hepatocyte which is the principal cell of the liver is the same in all livers from any type of vertebrate animal, without having any antigens and differences between them.