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Cell Revitalization Therapy

Why do we age?

Cells repair themselves regularly through the cellular division along our life. This process is very efficient during our youth. As a result, during the initial life stages, we have healthy and active cells that give us a vibrant physical beauty and a dynamically healthy body. However, the rejuvenating process by which our bodies replace old cells, gets more ineffective as we age. The cellular division process generates fewer efficient cells in your life period, and this brings with it a bad functioning of the cells and therefore, the body. This is the reason why we grow old.

Organs and tissues as the hair and skin are often the first ones to show visible aging signs. As we get older, our organism shows functional, structural and cognitive deterioration. Other external factors accelerate cellular degeneration such as bad nutrition, mental and physical stress and pollution. These agents are guilty of many of our premature wrinkles, hair loss, chronic fatigue and weak immune system.

How do you rejuvenate by yourself?

With the purpose of fighting the aging process and to protect ourselves from external agents, the scientists developed a unique rejuvenating set of 10 different cellular factors for stimulating the most vulnerable organs against cellular degeneration*. These factors are in charge of boosting and rejuvenate deteriorated cells as well as triggering cellular production*. This rejuvenating set promotes the natural cellular rejuvenating process to recover the lost functionality and provide the necessary elements for repairing and stimulate the intrinsic regeneration capacity of our own organism*. This way, it gives back vitality, remarkably improving quality of life*. The true age of each of us is determined by our cells’ quality.

cell revitalisation therapy