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Specific organ cells drinks are available as mono substances specified in individual organs, with the objective to stimulate, repair and rejuvenate the respective organs*. Cellular Therapy Drinks are extracts of Nano cells that contain amino acids, peptides, protein and cells. As well as many high essential vitamins and minerals that we need in our daily life. The cell drinks can result from each organ.

The sublingual way has its advantage as it is much quicker and easier to take. The pH conditions of the mouth facilitate the diffusion of the active substances of the cell drink. The nutrients and active peptides are absorbed by the sublingual mucous membrane via the blood vessels from the base of the tongue to the lingual vein and internal maxillary and then go through the jugular and afterwards to the vena cava to the systematic circulation. In this way it reaches all of the body avoiding being destroyed when metabolized by the liver and the gastric juices from the digestive system.

The conditions of the pH in the mouth facilitate the diffusion of the active substances. Once absorbed, the cells or peptides will locate the corresponding organ in the body and repair it*.