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About us

For Provita Health Store, our customers are the main thing, and this is why we became the right place for all of those interested in improving their life quality of life, which includes sustaining a high cognitive level, maintaining their physical and mental performance to the maximum, a strong and balanced immune system in order to be able to defend itself from harmful environmental influences and their optimal wellbeing to have a full life.

Since the year 2015, we have offered our public a wide variety of the latest generation and highest quality medical devices and nutritional supplements, completely free of dangerous chemicals and strange substances. As part of our compromise, each product we offer is selected carefully and diligently, considering our customers’ well-being. We only distribute original products made by serious and highly recognized labs and manufacturers that meet the strictest quality controls.

As a result, we have a global reputation to this day as a reliable source of cutting-edge products and equipment in the health field.

Customer Service

Your questions will be answered by real people who will effectively give you all the information you need, always trying to be precise, warm, and friendly. Please remember that our personnel do not include medical practitioners; thus, we cannot offer medical advice about your ailments.

You can reach us through email, phone and whatsapp:

Phone: +1-704-665-7809
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Thanks you for your visit and we hope we can help you find what you need.

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