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Ionized Water Shower

Ionized Water Shower

The ionized water shower removes all chlorine and many other heavy metals instantly and efficiently*.

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The ionized water shower removes all chlorine and many other heavy metals instantly and efficiently*.

You will not swim if the water is contaminated, at the same time you would not take a shower knowing that the toxins can damage your lungs, sinuses, provoke allergies in the skin and hair or increase the risk of some illness. Many toxins including chlorine and its derivatives are found in the water of shower heads and these toxins can damage your health.

How does the Ionized Water Shower works?

The ionized water shower works in a similar way of chelation, in which two molecules such as metals or minerals are joined and kept firmed so that the body can eliminate them. When the water comes out from the ionized shower, the chemical products like toxins, metals and minerals are joined by water molecules and come out from our body.

The shower head is installed in minutes without the need of special tools or the help of a professional. Simply adjust the screw in its place between the existing shower and the shower arm.

Immediately after its installation you will enjoy having a shower with water totally free of chlorine and heavy metals*.

In approximate 5-7 days the natural equilibrium of your skin and hair will be restored, contributing this to better health, softer skin and hair being less fragile*.


  • Provide relief from dry skin and scalp*.
  • You will have a younger healthier looking skin*.
  • Hair will be more manageable and soft*.
  • Reduces fading from coloured hair*.
  • The cartridge is replaceable and it last approximate 1 year.

Shower filters material:

KDF (30%) + mineral stone (20%) + crystal quartz (10%) + active carbon (40%)

KDF, active carbon, eliminate chlorine and heavy metals from water*.

The crystal quartz makes the water more soluble and ionized, accelerates the absorption of the skin and guarantees that any other dirty substance in the skin is easy to clean, making the skin healthier*.

The mineral stones liberate the minerals in the water, making people enjoy of a SPA at home.

Substances that the Ionized Water Shower Eliminate.

Added to most water appliances, it will harden your arteries destroying the proteins from the body. It will provoke illnesses to the skin, sinus, aggravate asthma, allergies and respiratory problems.

This powerful sub product of excessive coloration provokes the formation of free radicals (accelerated ageing). The cells normally start to mutate and oxidize the cholesterol. It is a well-known carcinogen.

DCA (Dichloride acetic acid):
This sub product of chlorination alters the metabolism of cholesterol and it has been demonstrated that causes liver cancer in animals.

MX (another chlorinated acid):
Another sub product of the chlorination, it is known that MX causes genetic mutations that could make cancer grow. This has been found in all the chlorinated water that has been tested.

The sodium hypochlorite:
This chlorine disinfectant, is used for treating the water, it can cause stomach pain, burning sensation, cough, diarrhoea, throat pain and vomit. After a prolong exposure the skin and the eyes can become sensitive causing redness and pain.

Product size: 90 x 120 mm
Entry: Thread G1/2"
Outlet: Thread G1/2"
Outside material of cartridge: ABS

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