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Clark Parasite Cleanse

clark parasite cleanse

Clark Parasite Cleanse

Dr. Hulda Clark defines a parasite as “anything that lives out of you and gives back nothing”, meaning it does not only cover big organisms but also countless varieties that range from virus to amoebas, fungi and worms, including round and flat worms. Using its Synchrometer test technology, she documented the correlation among several diseases and the presence of pathogens and toxins in our systems.

Initially she could not explain why she kept on finding parasites in the wrong places until she made the connection between them and the presence of solvents in our system.

Daily life exposure to solvents

Solvents are chemical products which dissolve things and we have started to use them in countless applications in the industry such as the manufacturing of oil, butter, cookies, fried food, soaps and cleaning products.


We also obtain significant amounts of exposure to solvents through the generalized use of White oils, which are sub products from the oil industry and are considered as the base for several cosmetic products in the market. Solvents are also used in cleansers and disinfectants which are later introduced indirectly in several other products through the manufacturing process. We use them to extract water out of alcohol which is used in spray propellants. This way, we are exposed in a continuous and daily way to a wide variety of solvents in our daily life.

What Dr. Clark’s investigation points out is that these solvents are also dissolving things inside our bodies and the consequences this might carry are disastrous. The mucous membranes that form the intestinal coating, the blood brain barrier, etc. can become severely compromised and turn extremely porous which will allow both toxins and parasites to migrate and move in ways which they shouldn’t be able to do. This constitutes an immune issue and sets up the stage for a disease.

Solvents, according to Dr. Clark, can also dissolve the hard external layer of parasites’ eggs, which will allow them to hatch in unprecedented ways since they will not only reproduce in unexpected ways but will also be able to move around the body and establish their residence in places where we would not be able to normally find them.

With this in mind, Dr. Clark recommends 4 basic things:

  • Take the appropriate measures to get rid of these potentially destructive invaders.
  • Pay closer attention to the places in which we might be exposed to said organisms.
  • Take the appropriate measures to clean out the toxins to which we have been exposed to and repair any damage they might have caused.
  • Try to discover where we have been exposed to those toxins so we can avoid them.

In order to treat in a decisive way the problem caused by the pathogen you will require time and effort since the situation might be worse than what we think it is. If the immune system of the person has been compromised, it is possible that many organisms may have proliferated and established inside the body. It is possible they may not be causing obvious symptoms right away but they are going to cause severe issues in the future.

Parasite elimination by using the herbal based Clark Parasite Cleanse Treatment and Zapping

clark parasite cleanse treatment and zapping

Dr. Clark recommends using her Herbal based Parasite Cleanse Treatment along with the Zapper in order to attack a variety of organisms.

The combination between the herbal Clark Parasite Cleanse and the zapping makes it really easy to kill flat and round worms, protozoa and even bacteria and virus. This means that the Clark parasite cleanse treatment is able to prevent and help in the battle against most diseases.

The elimination process based on the herbs included in the Clark Parasite Cleanse takes 3 weeks in which you will be using black walnut tincture and freshly grounded cloves and wormwood in established doses followed up with a maintenance weekly dose. Dr. Clark recommends this should not be done without her zapper.

Besides her Herbal Parasite Cleanse, Dr. Clark also has several other specific programs designed to attack smaller organisms located inside the intestine and bigger organisms such as tapeworm and Ascaris eggs. Regular parasite medication sold in pharmacies cannot help out if there is a generalized parasite inside our body since it is designed to attack a very limited amount of organisms and not just those located inside the intestines.

Why is a weekly maintenance dose suggested?

Dr. Clark says it is crucial to maintain the parasite cleanse since we are constantly exposed to parasites which are hidden everywhere and getting re-infected is easy.

We can get infected by parasites through those around us, our animals, rugs, hands, gardens, food and especially through poorly cooked dairy products and meat.

poorly cooked meat

“I believe the main source of intestinal issues is poorly cooked meat. After we get infected this way, we might pass it on to others through blood, saliva, semen, breastfeeding and motherhood. Family members usually have the same parasites and if one of them develops cancer or HIV, it is probable that the others may have the same intestinal issues since these diseases are caused by the same parasite and they should go through the same parasite cleansing process”.

Quoting Dr. Clark

Instead of just trusting the parasite cleanse, it is a better and gentler solution for you to look out for the infection and re-infection sources in order to be able to avoid them as much as you possibly can.

Some measures to avoid these parasites include:

  • Having more rigid hygiene practices, especially when it refers to hand sterilization after using the toilet and before preparing and eating a meal.
  • Keeping your hands out of your mouth.
  • Improving our food preparation habits, avoiding all poorly cooked meat and not sterilized dairy products along with the use of 5% HCL as a soaking agent for vegetables.
  • Cleaning all rugs, mattresses and tapestry. Please check Dr. Clark’s guide on rug cleansing.

You can find more information on Clark’s parasite cleanse and the Zapper below:

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