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Clark Therapy

Clark Therapy

Clark Therapy is based on Dr. Hulda Clark’s investigations; she was Canadian biophysics who dedicated her life to research and medical practice.

This therapy is backed by holistic medicine and considers our body a dynamic system, integrated and indivisible, where everything is interrelated.

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Clark Therapy seeks to avoid using chemical medicine unless it is strictly necessary since these modify our body’s functioning artificially.

It starts with prevention and the concept that good health means physical, emotional, and mental well-being and not just the absence of disease.
It looks for the origin of the illness and tries to eliminate its cause so the body can find balanced again. This way, the natural self-healing system that the human body possesses is reinforced and stimulated.

Dr. Clark discovered that most diseases
have a common origin:

The combination of all the toxics and pathogens that invade our body!

Toxic exposure

Toxic agents favor the emergence of pathogens and vice versa. We are exposed to them in our daily life mainly through heavy metals, solvents, PCBs, artificial coloring, etc. They are pathogens’ best allies since they act as immunosuppressants; this way, our immune system clears the way for them to develop.

Eliminating all these toxic agents is nearly impossible, but we can try to minimize them as much as possible.

use of dyes

Main recommendations when dealing with toxic agents:

  • A water filter for the whole household avoids bottled and fluoridated water.
  • Avoid vaccines with traces of mercury, and aluminum, among other metals.
  • Using organic cosmetics, personal hygiene, and cleaning products.
  • Avoiding metal fillings in your teeth.
  • Consuming ecological food.
  • Avoid Teflon-covered pans and microwaves.
  • Avoiding sugar and processed food.

How does Clark Therapy work?

Dr. Hulda Clark and her therapy rely on herbal products and electronic devices to help the body regain balance.

The herbal concentration-based products aim to support the body in getting rid of undesirable invaders, as they did in ancient times when there was no pharmacological medicine. These products are simply herbs and elements found in nature with decisive therapeutic action.

clark therapy for intestinal parasites

Dr. Clark developed natural formulas by combining different herbs to help the body detoxify or cleanse effective body systems. For example, to detoxify the kidney, she combined herbal roots with fruit extracts, vitamins, etc. This formula is natural, and its ingredients are available to everyone.

To detoxify the digestive system, she developed a therapy based on three herbs: black walnut, cloves, and wormwood. She discovered that each has a specific action in the body and that combining them makes the digestive system’s cleansing effect remarkable and does not cause undesirable side effects.

Frequency Generator

Based on frequency studies, Dr. Clark created the Zapper Frequency Generator.

dr clark frequency therapy

The Zapper emits frequencies by ranges at a given voltage, with a square wave and positive offset. It is achieved with the electricity of meager power but high intensity. This frequency generator has been extensively studied and is used as part of the holistic protocol by many physicians who apply for integrative medicine.

Other Cleanses

Dr. Clark also recommends you should clean all main organs inside the body to support their healing.

Among these are intestinal cleanses, kidney cleanses, liver cleanses, heavy metal cleanses, etc.

According to Dr. Clark, when exposed to toxins, pollutants, and parasites in our daily life, it is very likely that our health will be affected in one way or another, so she recommends taking the measures that are within our reach to protect ourselves.

dr clark parasite cleanses

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There are other devices that are part of Clark Therapy, among the most prominent ones are: the colloidal silver generator, which produces colloidal silver between 10 and 30 ppm; and the MagZapper, Clark’s magnetic pulse device.

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