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Cell Therapy Drinks

Cell Therapy Drinks

Box with 30 drink bottles.

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Ingredients: amino acids + peptides + proteins + cells + vitamins + minerals.

Product: glass bottle of 5 ml.


  • Drink 1 bottle of Cell Drink per day in the morning 15 minutes before breakfast. Try to keep the liquid as long as possible sublingual (under the tongue) so that the active ingredients of the Cell Drink can penetrate the skin.
  • A minimum treatment cycle consists of 30 bottles (1 month). To achieve the best results a course for 3 months (90 bottles) is recommended. After the initial treatment take a break for 3 months before starting again with a new cycle. This is an advice for healthy persons only. For other cases please consult your medical doctor or practitioner.
  • If more than one organ has to be targeted a combination of Cell Drinks is applicable. Take every morning 2 Cell Drinks e.g. Thymus and Liver Cell Drink 15 minutes before the meal for a minimum of 1 month.



Strengthens the immune system, therefore, it reduces the severity of disease*. The thymus has active substances which are called immunomodulators. The body uses these immunomodulators when the defense system should be encouraged. Thymus therapy is very useful in the following cases: Few defenses and susceptibility to infections, rheumatic diseases, eczema and other chronic skin diseases, states of emotional exhaustion and decay, before and after treatment of serious diseases, allergies such as hay fever and asthma, before and after major surgery.


Repairs damaged joints, influencing diseases like gout and arthritis.

Cartilages absorb shocks and vibrations. Provide elasticity and mobility*.


Rejuvenates heart cells and arteries, a prophylaxis to stroke*.

Heart pumps oxygen enriched blood all around the circulation.


Increases liver cell activity to improve detoxification processes*.

The liver is the central organ of metabolism, processing the nutrients absorbed by the intestine to form energy reserves. Central detoxification organ filters out harmful substances and bacteria.


Stimulates lung cells to increase oxygen intake into the blood leading to a better metabolism*.

The lungs are the organ of respiration. Gas exchange for the blood carbon dioxide for oxygen.


Activates kidney cells to improve filtration of dangerous body waste products*.

Kidneys disposal of waste products from blood regulates the body’s water and salt balance. Production of hormones, for example renin for regulating blood pressure.


Activates stomach cells to improve the absorption of nutrients in our digestive system and support people with stomach problems*.


Stimulates thyroid cells improving our hormone system and bringing it into balance*.


Rejuvenates brain cells leading to a better and faster memory capacity*.


Repairs pancreas cells influencing diabetes related diseases*. Pancreas produces pancreatic juice for braking down protein and release into the small intestine. Produce insulin for regulating the blood sugar level.


Placenta cells contain extremely high amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides, proteins and cells which are indispensable for a normal cell evolution*.

Placenta cells are a natural fertilizer for old, damaged and normal cells to lead them to a higher performance*.

Placenta supply of the unborn baby with oxygen and nutrients from the maternal blood. Disposal of waste products. Temporarily fulfills the function of all the unborn baby’s vital organs.


Activates adrenal cells which in return harmonize the hormone system repairing stress and pain symptoms*.

Funiculus Umbilicalis

Specially isolated stem cells from the umbilical cord. Stem cells act as a natural fertilizer for old, damaged and normal cells to lead them to a higher performance or even rejuvenation*.


Activates male testicles and hormone system for a better libido and sperm reproduction*.


Activates female ovary cells and hormone system for a better libido and egg reproduction*.


A unique combination of all existing organs (liver, heart, spleen, thymus, etc.) targeting all cell organs of your body.

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