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Dr. Hulda Clark Varizapper is a frequency generator that kills viruses, parasites, bacteria and fungi using electrical current*.

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VariZapper is an electronic device that kills viruses, bacteria and other micro pathogenic organisms using a low voltage current*.

Designed by Dr Clark, the Zapper or VariZapper sends frequencies exactly as the micro pathogenic organisms which provoke its death in few minutes*. The current that the Zapper emits does not represent any health problem for the person, inclusive the signals are imperceptible even during the treatment.

The range of human frequency is between 1520 and 9460 KHz, however the range of the viruses, bacteria and pathogens is between 77 and 500 KHz. The Zapper destroys the microorganisms with resonance and is eliminated from the body by the white blood cells*.

Besides its function as a parasite destructor, the VariZapper also collaborates with the immune system to energise the white blood cells*, as it also repolarises north our organism*. When we become ill, the tissue of the organs invert their polarity, which means during the day they have south polarity and during the night is north. For that reason do not use the Zapper during night time.

The Zapper also works for pain therapy. When hydrogen positive ions are accumulated over a zone on our body it creates pain; the Zapper fights this situation by sending negative ions, which will offset the positive charge relieving the pain*.

How to use the Zapper

The way of using the VariZapper is very easy, in first place you have to dampen the wrist bands and place them on your wrists. Second step you will need to turn on the device and select the mode you would like to use in the session. As an alternative option you can also use the adhesive gel pads instead of the wrists bands. If you want to treat pain, you must place the adhesive gel pads where the pain is located*.

The VariZapper CANNOT be used by people having the following conditions:

- Use of a Pacemaker.
- Use of metal stents.
- Pregnant women.

The package includes:

- VariZapper.
- Lead Wire.
- 2 Wrist Bands.
- 1 Pair of adhesive gel pads.
- 9 Volts Battery.
- Manual.
- 2 Year Warranty.


  • Designed by modes, Dr Clark Zapper is divided in 2 modes: VariBase and VariZapper.
  • LCD screen with legible font, battery indicator, mode, volt and time left.
  • Allows the insertion of Varicards, programed cards with pathology frequencies.
  • Easy to use, it has various languages.
  • When the current flow stops it is indicated by a signal sound.
  • It turns off automatically when the treatment is finished.
  • Approved by the European Community and Switzerland as a medical device.
  • It has a practical easy to carry case.
  • It can be used on adults and children even for your pets (cats and dogs).


VariZapper 4 ways of using it:

1. Standard mode.- This is the regular mode and consists of 3 zapping sessions and 2 of pause. The first session is 7 minutes and kills parasites*, in the next 20 minutes of pause the bacteria of the dead parasites are liberated and subsequently destroyed in the second session of zapping also for 7 minutes*. In the second pause of 20 minutes the viruses contained within the bacteria are liberated and die in the third session of 7 minutes of zapping*.

2. Continue mode.- The VariZapper works during 1 uninterrupted hour which makes the treatment more intense than the standard mode. This mode is recommended for any pathology even as maintenance*.

3. Zappicator mode.- With this mode you connect the Zapper to the Food Zappicator and it polarizes north the food*. It also eliminates fungus and other pathogens that are in them*.

4. Varicards.- These are cards or chips that contain information of pathogens and their frequencies indicating a specific disease*.

  • Size without packaging: 8.5" x 6.5" x 2".
  • Weight: 0.55 Kg.
  • Battery: 9v.
  • Volt: Adjustable between 0.1 y 15v.
  • Works at 30 Hz in the zapper mode and at 1.000 Hz in the zappicator mode (food zappicator or like tooth zappicator).

Disclaimer: The zapper is not a medical device in the United States so we can not recommend it for medical use. The information on this website only refer to studies by Dr. Clark and other scientists may disagree with them.This statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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