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Food Zappicator

Food Zappicator

It is a wooden board that connects to the VariZapper and serves north repolarize the food, medicine or water*.

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VariZapper device is not included.

Created by Dr Clark it is similar to a wooden board that connects to the VariZapper and serves to repolarize north such as food, medicine or water*. It also has two magnets that work using a low current of intensity of 1KHz.

Food and drink with chemicals preservatives have south polarity. Even some vegetables or fruit that are normally north polarity when they are kept for a few days their polarity changes to south. The Food Zappicator will repolarize them to north allowing its storage to last longer and keep fresh*.

Consuming food and drink that have a north polarity is of great benefit to our body as it gives us more energy and vitality. As well as preventing us from oxidative stress, allowing the red blood cells to send more oxygen to the cells.

The Food Zappicator also neutralises and eliminates parasites, bacteria, viruses, etc.*, in all their developing stages. At the same time it finishes with other pollutants like phenol, benzene, PCBs and many others*.


  • Indefinite duration of north polarization given by the Zappicator.
  • No need for cables or any accessory to interact with the Zapper.
  • It works with the red cable of the VariZapper.
  • It combines physical, electric and magnetic energy.
  • Works with a current of 1000 Hz.
  • The table board can be washed as normal.

Important Aspects:

  • It is highly recommended for people with cancer, aids and many others auto immune illnesses*.
  • The magnetics tend to change its polarity when they are dropped or overheated by contact with the water. For this reason check the polarity of the Zappicator using a compass.
  • Do not place the Zappicator on a metal top and do not use metallic bowls on the table board.
  • Use the Zappicator once the food is cooked at least 10 minutes, for dairy and eggs use it for 15 minutes or more.

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