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Far Infrared Heating Mat

Far Infrared Heating Mat

Far Infrared Heating Mat features infrared heat and natural jade.

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Far Infrared Heating Mat features infrared heat and natural jade. When the jade is heated, it emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into the body as much as 2 to 3 inches below the skin. The Far infrared Heating pad relieves pain, improves blood circulation, reduces tension, stress and improves muscle flexibility*.

Infrared Heating Pads offer the following benefits:

Pain Relief*: Deep penetrating heat is absorbed by the body, gently warming the muscles and tissues. This process provides a temporary increase to local blood circulation, thus offering temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain*.

Reduces Stress and Fatigue*: Deep penetrating heat may be used for the temporary relaxation of muscles and temporary relief of muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains, and minor muscular back pain*.

Improves Blood Circulation*: Deep penetrating heat is absorbed by cells, resulting in better local blood circulation*.

Far infrared heating mat includes

Far Infrared Heating Mat vs. Electric Heating Mat

The far infrared heating mat uses natural Jade stones to deliver deep penetrating infrared rays which penetrate deep into the body and create an uniform warming effect without side effects or any risk.

Electric heating Mats use electric heating coils which emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation to heat the skin and if not properly used, it can burn the skin.

  • Small Size: 16 x 20 inches (35x50 cm).
  • Medium Size: 24 x 32 inches (60x80 cm).
  • Large Size: 28 x 76 inches (70x190 cm).
  • Double Size: 60 x 76 inches (150x190 cm).
  • Temperature up to 154°F (70°C).
  • Custom travel bag.
  • Digital controller with auto shut off.
  • Extra-long power cord.
  • Premium jade stones.

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