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Complete Bowel Cleanse

Complete Bowel Cleanse

Bowel Cleanse

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The Bowel Cleanse System consists of herbs and nutraceuticals that work synergistically for optimal cleansing. The Bowel Cleanse system supports the digestive system allowing the body to spent sufficient energy on all the other systems in the body*.

This is a 17-day long cleanse.

  • Promotes balanced stools*.
  • Balances intestinal organisms and flora*.
  • Promotes ideal pH in the stomach to enhance digestion*.

Dosage Chart

 Betaine hydrochloridTurmericFennelDigestive enzymesCascara sagradaMagnesium oxideIodine solutionBlack Walnut Hull Tincture
Dosage2 capsules2 capsules2 capsulessee bottle1 capsule2-3 capsules6 drops in ½ glas of water2 tsp. in ½ glas of water
Application3 x daily3 x daily3 x dailyWith meals as directed on the bottle.1 x daily
Use if constipated
Stop usage by diarrhea
1 x daily4 x daily
Always take in by itself, ideally after a meal.
Wait 2 hours before taking any other supplements.
A single dose in water of fruit juice and drink it in small sips over 15 minutes.
Remain seated until you no longer feel dizzy from the alcohol.
Notes-Your stool could be orange coloredSupports intestinal activity*Use only as long as necessaryDo not take longer than 3 weeks-Can oxidize other supplementsDosage can be repeated if needed

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