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MFIII PE Softgels Advanced Formula Pack x 2

MFIII PE Softgels Advanced Formula Pack x 2

MFIII PE Softgels is an anti-ageing product with highly antioxidant and cell rejuvenating properties*.

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This potent oral soft gels of cellular regenerative therapy will repair the depth of the skin and interlinking structures of organs and tissues*. Consequently will increase energy levels and improve your appearance*. MFIII soft gels combine the benefits of sheep placenta extracts, marine cellular ingredients, Polypeptides, Collagen and Elastin HME and Botanical Anti-Aging ingredients for a long-lasting rejuvenation*.

MFIII PE is from Switzerland they are produced from the ovine placenta which is acquired from sheep which are stringently selected from certified healthy sheeps reared in a pollution free environment for 40 generations.

The advanced formula softgels are fortified with a double enteric coated that ensure an optimal absorption in the gastrointestinal tracks.

MFIII PE is from Switzerland they are produced from the ovine placenta which is acquired from sheep free of pollution and any harmful elements in the environment.

The extract of the MFIII PE is suitable with the human body and does not cause any side effects. MFIII PE has a vast range of nutrients along with 120 kinds of growth factors and bio active cytokines, skin-activation elements, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

MFIII will not cause any side effects whether there are in the short or long term usage. MFIII has been approved by the FDA and can be used with other vitamins or nutritional supplements.

cell therapy


  • Increases strength and longevity*.
  • Enhaces alertness and mental agility*.
  • Encourages cell growth and regulates hormone secretion*.
  • Promotes health and any physical energy*.
  • Improve the reproductive system*.
  • Relieves menstrual problems, Menopause & Libido*.
  • Support Immune system for quick recovery from illness or avoid it*.
  • Improved alertness*.
  • Stronger skin cells, reducing wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines*.
  • Increase collagen, resulting in a flawless and glowing skin*.
  • Strong anti-ageing effect*.
  • Improves blood circulation and reduces cholesterol*.
  • Increases the joint flexibility*.
  • Healthy muscles and joints*.


- Glutathione: A powerful natural antioxidant that boost the immune system*.
- CoQ10: An enzyme that is necessary for the functioning of cells*.
- Grape Seed Extract: Contains flavonoids, which can have antioxidant effect. It relaxes blood vessels, and reduces the risk of coronary heart disease*.
- Resveratrol: It protects the body against the kind of damage linked to illness such as cancer and heart disease*.
- Lycopene: A powerful antioxidant proven to be effective in anti-ageing*.
- Alpha Lipoic Acid: A very powerful antioxidant that eliminates any harmful free radicals that are inside the body*.
- Pom-Gluta N: Pomegranate extract is used for its antioxidant properties. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals.


2 Boxes with 30 softgels capsules in each box.

Recommended Dosage:

Take 1 softgel capsule every day, 30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach (for better absorption). To start seeing results it’s recommended a 3 to 12 month treatment*.

Please note that if you are a smoker or drink high quantities of alcohol the effect of this product may be reduced.

This product is free of chemicals, drugs & steroids.

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