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Oxygen Concentrators for Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Concentrators for Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is the administration of oxygen when there is a respiratory deficiency. It’s a way to supplement oxygen that we can not get naturally when breathing. Our body cannot live without oxygen. If there is no enough oxygen supply, our bodily functions cannot be performed properly.

oxygen therapy with oxygen concentrators

No Oxygen, No Life...

The nutrients derived from the food we eat combined with oxygen, give the energy necessary to our cells, so that they can perform their functions. Without energy the cells die, therefore, without oxygen, there is no life.

breathe better with oxygen therapy

We get oxygen from the air we breathe, it enters our lungs and it is then distributed to the whole body through blood circulation. Blood enters the tissues and cells that make them up. This is how cells obtain the energy to function accordingly.

oxygen therapy with oxygen concentrators to treat hypoxia

When we suffer from shortness of breath either from lung disease or other conditions, enough oxygen may not reach our cells and hypoxia might occur. The lack of oxygen can leave a person breathless, causing cardiac disorders, brain issues and more.

This is when Oxygen Therapy through Oxygen Concentrators can help.

oxygen concentrators for oxygen therapy

Oxygen Concentrators
for Respiratory Deficiency

Oxygen Concentrators provide a safe and efficient way to improve quality of life from people who require supplemental oxygen.

How does an Oxygen Concentrator work?

Oxygen Concentrators provide a constant flow of oxygen directly to the lungs through a nasal cannula or mask.

This devices separates oxygen from the air, concentrates it, and stores it in the machine. Simply connect it to an outlet or a battery to start enjoying its benefits.

how an oxygen concentrator works for oxygen therapy

How do Oxygen Concentrators differ from Oxygen Tanks?

concentrators versus oxygen tanks

An oxygen tank has a certain amount of oxygen it dispenses, depending on the tank size. Therefore, they have very limited supply.

Oxygen Concentrators, on the other hand, use the inexhaustible air of the environment, filter it through molecular sieves and make it available for the patient in therapeutic amounts depending on their needs.

The oxygen concentrator ensures that the oxygen supply does not run out. Its use is constant and you never have to refill it.

Oxygen Concentrators versus Oxygen Tanks are:

  • Operative 24 hours a day without any problem.
  • Environmentally friendly, as it represents a long-term saving in the cost of oxygen refills that comes with the use of traditional oxygen tanks.
  • It is safe and easy to operate, just turn it on and choose the liters per minute the patient requires.
  • There is no risk of leaking and causing explosions or fires, unlike an oxygen tank; that is why they are the best alternative there is.

An Oxygen Concentrator will help you feel better
and achieve an excellent quality of life!

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy with Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Concentrators are small and compact devices. This make them discreet, ideal for traveling and on the go.

Their use is simple, so that anyone can operate it without problems, even elderly people.

constant oxygen flow with oxygen therapy

Oxygen Concentrators for Oxygen Therapy

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