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Acu Doctor Electro Acupuncture Device

Acu Doctor Electro Acupuncture Device

The Acu Doctor locates and stimulates with great precision the acupuncture points using micro current and polarity changes.

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The Acu Doctor is a light hand-held device which locates and stimulates with great precision the acupuncture points using micro current and polarity changes.

Based on electricity, it stimulates the nerve endings of the body and applies different polarity currents through the skin to tone or relieve chronic pain*, sharp pain* or pain due to postoperative processes*.

The unit is long shaped and very easy to use. This electric acupuncture equipment, developed accordingly to the traditional Chinese medicine, physics, electro biology, bionic and many years of medical practice. The Acu Doctor is used in electro therapies due to its ability to find automatically acupuncture points and applying acupuncture treatment without needles.

It also has a switch to adjust the sensitivity and the electric intensity. The digital screen helps the doctor to locate the points in a quick and exact manner.

Some of the Acu Doctor characteristics are:

LCD display: It shows the exact place where the acupoints are situated for an immediate treatment. The Acu Doctor display shows number for 0 to 500. The bigger number indicates the closest or even exact acupoint location. Either way, a LED green light will turn on until the acupoint will be found.

Adjustable frequency: The Acu Doctor allows you to adjust its frequency. The frequency range goes from 1 to 16 Hz. This variable range lets the user to adjust the stimulation to a more comfortable level.

Sensitivity control: The Acu Doctor also has a knob for controlling the device sensitivity. This is especially important due to the different skin types and in consequence, different sensitivities.

Certification: The Acu Doctor has the CE certification, which means that it meets the essential medical, security, an environmental requirements of the European legislation. Even more important, the Acu Doctor has the ISO 13485 certification which verifies the fulfillment of general quality management system requirements for the design and fabrication of a medical device.

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How it works?

The therapist holds the Acu Doctor with his hand and places his thumb on the sheet which is located to one side of the device and with the other hand takes the patient to close the circle. Therefore, the doctor and patient feel the electric stimulation. You can insert the small hand probe that comes with the unit inside the device, have the patient take it with his hand so that the circle can be closed and the doctor will not feel the stimulation.

The Acu Doctor is able to detect meridians by interpreting the skin’s electric resistance. While it scans the skin, the pencil reads the electrical resistance in a specific area. The lesser the resistance, the closer it is to an acupuncture point.


The Acu Doctor is a therapeutic device of acupuncture and moxibustion that follows the traditional Chinese medicine principals, consequently, there are no risks for the patient’s health. In addition, the device precisely locates the meridians, it can be applied electrical acupuncture in order to stimulate the body’s healing abilities.

With the electrical acupuncture, there is no need to use needles. The pointer of the device is a very modern probe that offers a consistent pressure and comfortable acupuncture in the acupoints. This acts as a stimulant, liberating muscular tension*, promoting blood flow* and improving Qi for allowing the self-regeneration*.

When the Acu Doctor is activated, the patient can enjoy an electric pulse treatment with a range of 1 – 16 Hz, totally adjustable with the frequency dial.

Package includes:

- 3 Interchangeable tops.
- 1 Small bar with a hand probe for earth connection.
- 1 English manual.
- 1 Case.
- 1 Charger

  • Output Channels: 1.
  • Frequency: 1 to 16 Hz.
  • Frequency meter: LCD, 0.35”x1.0”.
  • Volts and current: Normal dial 22.5 volts, 0 to 45 milliamps.
  • Blue zone: 11.0 volts, 0 to 2 microamps.
  • Polarity reversal: +/- by switch.
  • Pulse width: 220 microseconds (µS).
  • Pulse shape: asymmetric biphasic square wave.
  • Pulse modes: continuous.
  • Skin impedance monitoring: meter, sound, and light indication.
  • Power source: electric.

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