DHT Block

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Perfect complement for Estro Block, contains beta-sitosterol, that diminishes hydro-testosterone (DHT) levels and androgen levels on the skin. 60 capsule bottle.


DHT Block is a new product that serves as a perfect complement for Estro Block, contains beta-sitosterol, which gives it the faculty to diminish hydro-testosterone(DHT) levels and androgen activity on the skin.

DHT Block Formula

The cruciferous vegetable formula in DHT Block, gives a unique concentration of isothiocyanates and glucosinolates that offer protection to the organism by neutralizing estrogen metabolites that are possibly harmful and xenoestrogens which are environmental chemicals similar to estrogen. This increases our cell protection.

The dosage of DIM contained in DHT Block, far exceeds any other product in the market. It has the capacity to change estrogen production from bad to good while also eliminating several kinds of harmful hormonal metabolites which are often associated to acne, hair loss and deficient immunological function.

DHT Block is also pretty effective in mammary, colon and prostate toxin elimination. Even if you eat broccoli or cabbage, at the exact moment you cook it, you lose their protective properties. We use concentrated extracts from all these integral foods that would otherwise require for you to eat a large amount of raw vegetables per day. Celery and parsley, for example, both contain apigenin, a powerful vegetable flavonoid that offers protection for our cells and DNA.
integral foods

Do you know about the incredible benefits that pomegranate offers to strengthen our immune system and improve our circulation by restoring the nitric oxide molecule on a daily basis?

Astragalus, also known as longevity plant, and turmeric are incredible restoring herbs that aid in cleansing our liver and, in the right conditions, assist telomeres at the end of each DNA strand. This protect both the chromosomes and DNA in order for us to have a healthy skin, with less oil production and sebaceous cysts on the skin.

DHT Block is manufactured following good manufacturing practices in certified and regulated laboratories in the United States, also fulfilling the highest standards. It does not contain soy, gluten, additives, sterates or artificial coloring.


60 capsule bottle.


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