Digestive System Regeneration Kit

USD 1,080.00

6-vial Cell Regeneration Set for the digestive system. Free Shipping Worldwide.

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The Digestive System Regeneration Kit includes:

  • 2 Pancreas 600.000 D/5ml
  • 1 Spleen 600.000 D/5ml
  • 1 Liver 600.000 D/5ml
  • 1 Thymus 600.000 D/5ml
  • 1 Umbilical Cord 600.000 D/5ml


This Cell Extract Kit is a treatment for 3 weeks and includes 6 vials. According to the legislation of each country, it can be applied topically with Dermapen or Dermaroller, subcutaneous or also intramuscular.

  • First week: Pancreas + Spleen
  • Second week: Thymus + Liver
  • Third week: Umbilical Cord + Pancreas

digestive system regeneration kit


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