Estro Block

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Patented mix that helps to eliminate synthetic estrogens that have entered the body and are potentially harmful. 60 Capsule bottle.


Estro Block is a concentrated mix of indol 3 carbinol and a biological form of DIM isolated from cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, arugula, cauliflower, etc.

The exhaustive laboratory tests to which Estro Block has been submitted to have shown in a clinical way that it helps to eliminate synthetic estrogens that enter the body and are potentially harmful.

Synthetic estrogens accumulate little by little through time, as people are exposed to them. They stay hidden deep in our fat cells, resisting decomposition and elimination. As time goes by, they can accumulate until they reach dangerous levels and wreak havoc.

Estro Block concentrations allow it to be a unique product on the market, capable of eradicating and detoxifying us from these persistent chemicals. The toxins we are referring to are known as xenoestrogens, a type of xenohormone. This means this is a natural estrogen imitator that alters our endocrine system.

What is a Xenohormone?

It’s a group of compounds that exhibit properties similar to hormones when it is ingested by the body.

Xenoestrogens are present in some toxic products such as: Atrazine, BPA, DDT, Endosulfan, PBB, PCBs, Phthalates, Zeranol. Exposure to these toxins can cause symptoms such as acne, stubborn fat, low energy levels, muscle loss, emotional problems, nervous disorders, cancer, low bone density, low mental clarity and nervous disorders of different kinds.

use of estro block for acne

Estro Block contains 3 different formulas

Initially, Estro Block was developed to reduce mammary and prostate cancer. This led to new research and developments in other health conditions that also have a positive response to the DIM combination. Other companies have tried to copy the formula but Estro Block’s unique system has no rival, as shown in clinical results.

Estro Block has no side effects caused by non-natural toxic ingredients, as it is common with other alternatives. Nowadays, most DIMs in the market are synthetically derivate from cheap and potentially harmful ingredients. Said synthetic molecules are highly unstable and extremely susceptible to contamination and impurities. The result of this is an inferior product that is, in fact, potentially harmful to our health due to its poor manufacturing standards.

Estro Block’s ingredients are all derivate from natural plants, produced inside regulated labs in the US. All this with the goal of guaranteeing optimum quality, since when our life is at risk, we always want the best. Estro Block reaches these expectations and goes beyond.


60 capsule bottle.


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