Food Zappicator

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It is a wooden board that connects to the VariZapper and its main function is repolarizing food, drugs and water.


The Food Zappicator is a wooden board that connects to the Varizapper and its main function is to change the polarity of food, drugs and water to north polarity. Created by Dr. Clark, the Food Zappicator is similar to a chopping board but has a contact point on which the VariZapper gets connected and magnets on its back. It performs its duties through the use of a 1 kHz low intensity current.

The food and drinks that contain preservatives or other chemicals have southern polarity, and even certain vegetables and fruit which normally would have northern polarity if kept for several days stored in the fridge will change their polarity to south. The Food Zappicator repolarizes them to north allowing them to be stored for a longer period of time and to stay fresh.

Consuming food and drinks with northern polarity is of great benefit to our body since it gives us more energy, vitality and prevents oxidative stress allowing red blood cells to carry a greater amount of oxygen to the cells.

The Food Zappicator also neutralizes pathogens in all their development phases. It also ends other kinds of contaminants such as phenol, benzene, PCB and many more.

Food Zappicator Features

  • Unlimited lifespan of the northern polarity given by the Zappicator.
  • Does not need any cable or additional accessory to interact with the Zapper.
  • Works with the red push button on the VariZapper cable.
  • Combines physical, electrical and magnetic energy.
  • Works with a 1000 Hz. current.
  • The board can be washed as normal.

Important aspects:

  • Magnets usually change their polarity when dropped, being overheated or by entering in contact with water. For this reason, you should always check the Zappicator’s polarity with a compass.
  • Do not place the Zappicator on top of a metallic surface nor use metallic containers over the board.
  • Zap the food once it is cooked for at least 10 minutes, for dairy and eggs zap for 15 minutes or more.

Varizapper NOT included.


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