Footbath Kit

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Twin compartment footbath for treatment with ReBuilder. It includes electrolytes and non-adhesive electrodes.

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Twin compartment footbath kit that can be used along with the non-adhesive pads and electrolyte solution to perform a treatment session with ReBuilder.

The user has to connect the non-adhesive electrodes to the cable that comes with the ReBuilder and then set each electrode at the bottom of each compartment. Fill each compartment with water and pour a tablespoon of the electrolyte solution in it. Connect the cables to the machine, place the feet inside the container, turn on the device and start receiving the treatment.

This way ReBuilder’s signal will go up one foot, all the way through the leg until it reaches the lower back and then goes down the other leg until it reaches the foot, treating the whole area.

The Footbath kit includes:

  • Twin compartment footbath
  • ReBuilder Electrolyte Solution (4 8.5oz bottles)
  • Non-Adhesive Pads (1 pair)

For personal hygienic purposes, this item is not-returnable.


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