Infrared Shoulder Heating pad

USD 88.98

Infrared heating shoulder pad for pain relief.


The Infrared Shoulder Heating pad will help you promote circulation and relieve pain such as frozen shoulder, broken rotator cuff, acromioclavicular joint (AC) dislocation, bursitis, tendonitis, stiffness, sprains or dislocations of all types etc. In addition, it helps relax muscles and promotes faster healing time.

Infrared Shoulder Heating Pad Features:

  • 3 heat modes available at the push of a button: Red (High Temperature 65-75°C), White (Average Temperature 55-65°C), Blue (Low Temperature 40-60°C).
  • For men and women of all sizes: High quality plastic bow design, dual for two-way fit, can be used on left or right shoulder for men and women. Extended straps fit chest size from 69 cm to 140 cm and arm size from 23 cm to 46 cm.
  • Cold Therapy: Comes with a built-in mesh where you can place an ice pack and use it for cold therapy as needed. (The ice pack is not included in the package)
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Remoter Adapter Input Voltage: 100-240V (US Plug)
  • Power Adapter Output Voltage: 8.4V /DC/1A
  • Output Cable Length: 2m

How to use:

How to use the shoulder support?

  1. Connect the strap to the buckle on the shoulder pad.
  2. Once the strap is in place, place the shoulder pad at the desired height.
  3. Tire the long strap from under the other arm, place it through the buckle and now pull it on from the other side of the buckle.
  4. Press the lock and make sure you have a firm fit.

Package includes:

  • Shoulder pad with adjustable straps
  • USB cable
  • AC Adapter


  • Avoid using the high temperature setting for a long time (more than 5 minutes) to avoid burns. The most suitable temperature is white light.
  • Use the shoulder pad over clothing or a cloth to prevent burns. Skin redness is expected after the use of this thermal device.
  • Not recommended for use in children or pregnant women.
  • Avoid the contact with water during operation. It should be used in completely dry conditions.
  • The goal of this device is to help relieve symptoms, without treating or curing any condition.


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