Intensive Parasite Cleanse by Dr. Hulda Clark

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Intensive Parasite Cleanse according to Dr. Clark.


The intensive parasite cleanse is based on the same products used for the standard parasite cleanse, but the dose must be increased.

This parasite cleanse is aimed at those heavily infested with parasites or those who suffer from severe diseases and need a deep cleanse to rid the body of these aggressors and allow it to react and take advantage of other treatments.

The intensive parasite cleanse includes:

  • Wormwood, 2 bottles of 100 capsules.
  • Cloves, 2 bottles of 100 capsules.
  • Black Walnut Hull, 2 bottles of 50 capsules.

These three products should be taken separately. They should not be mixed because they interact with each other, and one can neutralize the power of the other.

The way to take it is this:

Take the dose of black walnut husk and wait five to 10 minutes, then take the dose of wormwood and wait five to 10 minutes, and finally, take the dose of cloves.

The three herbs eliminate parasites at different stages.

  • Clove removes the eggs of parasites.
  • Wormwood eliminates the larvae of parasites.
  • Black Walnut Hull eliminates adult parasites.

It is crucial to take the products strictly following the instructions. Otherwise, the parasites will not be able to be eliminated entirely. When the adult parasite is attacked, it releases its eggs to protect them, and these travel through the blood to lodge in any organ.

It is also advisable to zap with the VariZapper half an hour after taking the capsules.

Remember, black walnut is the one that works against adult parasites but does not reach the brain, but wormwood does reach the brain. Therefore, if you need to clean your brain or eyes of parasites due to an autoimmune disease, increasing the wormwood dose by 50% for each dose is recommended.

Dr . Clark’s Parasite Cleanse Handy Chart

Black Walnut Hull Wormwood Cloves
Day Capsules to be taken in a single dose over a period of 5 minutes Capsules to be taken in a single dose during this 5 minute period Capsules to be taken in a single dose during this 5 minute period
1 10 10 10
2 10 10 10
3 10 10 10
4 10 10
5 10 10
6 10 10
7 10 10
8 10 10
9 10 10
10 10 10
11 10 10
12 10 10
13 10 10
14 10 10
15 10 10 10
16 10 10 10
17 10 10 10
18 Repeat the 3 day dose after 15 days 10 10
19 10 10
20 10 10


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