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Important component of hemoglobin with important roles such as oxygen transportation and conversion of food into energy.



Iron is an essential element required for various cellular processes such as oxygen transport and energy metabolism.

Hemoglobin Formation

Iron is the main constituent needed to produce hemoglobin, the protein inside red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to transport it throughout the body.

Approximately two-thirds of body iron is found in circulating red blood cells in the form of hemoglobin. A lack of red blood cells leads to anemia which can affect everything from your cognitive function to your immune system.

Oxygen Support

Plays an important role in oxygen transportation. Each and every organ system in the body needs oxygen to perform their routine functions.

anemia and muscle weakness

Muscle Function

Iron is present in the muscle tissues and helps to provide the supply of oxygen required for muscle contraction. A decrease in oxygen can cause the loss of muscle tone and elasticity causing muscle weakness, one of the most clear signs of anemia.

Brain Function

The brain needs a constant oxygen supply to function properly. Since oxygen transportation is aided by iron, therefore, this mineral is directly related to brain health and its functions.

Studies have shown that when your brain is receiving the adequate blood supply, this can improve cognitive performance and prevent cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We can only conclude that the appropriate iron intake and its subsequent brain oxygenation is essential.


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