Liquid Colloidal Silver

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Very powerful bactericide and fungicide capable of strengthening the immune system.

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Organa’s Liquid Colloidal Silver is made with 99.99% crystalline silver nano particles and pure distilled water with the aim of producing the best quality silver on the market.

By ingesting liquid colloidal silver your body will be able to absorb and use it at the cellular level for all necessary internal processes.

According to scientific research, ingesting colloidal silver has shown no negative side effects on any body system. The studies evaluated colloidal silver exposures in patients for about 2 weeks between 10 and 14 ppm. Laboratory tests determined that there were no clinically significant changes in any metabolic, hematological, or morphological measurements, nor morphological changes in organs such as the heart, lung, or stomach.

This product is free of additives, proteins, salts or fillers.

Available in 2 presentations: 2 oz spray and 8 oz bottle.


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