Liquid Oxygen

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Contains a high concentration of oxygen in its molecular form. Is 100% natural and drug-free. Supports cellular respiration and promotes the production of white blood cells.


Organa Liquid Oxygen contains a high concentration of oxygen in its molecular form. This specific presentation allows oxygen molecules to move from the blood, to red blood cells and then to the cells of the body to create energy. When oxygen is consumed in this form, it is available for immediate absorption into the bloodstream.

Organa Liquid Oxygen is 100% natural and pH balanced. It does not contain any toxic substances or drugs. Organa Liquid Oxygen supports cellular respiration and promotes the production of white blood cells. This provides overall immune support and good health.


Oxygen Importance

Oxygen is one of the most significant elements needed for life. The human body requires oxygen to transform fats, carbohydrates and proteins of our diet into heat and energy.

In addition, one of the functions of oxygen is to increase oxygenation of the lungs, which favors the elimination of toxins from the system. The more oxygen we have in our system; the more energy we produce.

Oxygen Content

According to many researchers, pollution and automotive carbon monoxide make it impossible for humans to extract all the oxygen we need from the air. The oxygen content coming from the air we breathe has been declining ever since the industrial revolution. For instance, the oxygen content of our air was 32% before the industrial revolution. Today, the oxygen content has dropped to an average of 19%-21% and in larger cities it may be as low as 15%.

alimentos procesados

A diet of processed and fast foods is another way the body can be depleted of oxygen. Eating such foods require a large amount of oxygen to be metabolized, taking away oxygen needed for other metabolic functions. What we eat impacts every cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies which is why our body is always trying to maintain a proper pH balance. While most vegetables and fruits are alkaline forming, other foods such as: soda, coffee, meat and dairy products are acid forming. When our body is too acidic, our red bloods cells only function at 5%-10% of their oxygen carrying capacity. This results in an unhealthy cell metabolism.

There are other factors that can contribute to oxygen depletion such as: smoking, air travel, emotional stress, physical over-exertion, living in a polluted atmosphere and poor food choices. Effects of exposure to low oxygen concentrations include: symptoms of fatigue, body weakness, muscle aches, and impaired cognitive functions may arise.


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