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It is a vital mineral that regulates the healthy functioning of the kidneys, muscles and heart. Allows calcium to give strength to the bones, teeth and skeletal system.



Magnesium is a key mineral that support kidneys, muscles, and heart to work properly.

Muscles Nerves and Bones

Magnesium and calcium are closely related, since the first is the one that helps the second to be absorbed. Magnesium helps your muscles to pull in calcium when they need to contract and pull out when they to relax. It also allows calcium to give strength to the bones and teeth, keeping the skeletal system healthy.

magnesium for strong teeth

Immune System

Magnesium has as one of its main functions to regulate and absorb nutrients in the body. Its deficiency can lead to several others deficiencies that can cause illness and make your body more susceptible to infection and virus. For example, the lack of this mineral can result in a vitamin D inefficiency, which in turn creates a compromised immune system.

Cell Detoxification

Cell detoxification helps you eliminate chemicals and compounds that your body does not need. Magnesium also has a role in this process giving the body the opportunity to produce energy. Without this detoxification process, your body would not be able to properly create energy using the food that you eat.

Blood Sugar

Its also regulates blood sugar levels helping you prevent diabetes.


Magnesium for Headaches

This mineral has a role in regulating muscle contractions. It can help your muscles and blood vessels relax. By doing this, can reduce migraines and headaches. Please note that you may still experience headaches, but you will not experience them as frequently as those patients with a magnesium deficiency.


Patients with high magnesium levels also tend to have healthy levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter associated with happiness. Its supplementation has been linked to a positive effect on mood and can make you feel better mentally and physically.


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