Magnet 4000 Gauss Pack x 6

USD 126.00

Product for magnet therapy. Includes 6 magnets of 4000 Gauss.


Magnet therapy has been reported to reduce leg inflammation, fluid buildup and physical fatigue. It can help with problems of poor digestion, provides support to the immune system thus avoiding viral diseases such as flu or cough.

How to use it?

Use the magnet as described in Dr. Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure for All Cancers”.

Sit on the 4000 gauss magnet during the day for 30 minutes; do not use at night. You should take Selenium, minimum 1-2 capsules per day. The mark on the magnet determines the North Pole.

Polarity must first be determined with the help of a compass, to make sure the right side is being used. The side of the magnet that attracts the needle pointing north, is the north pole according to Dr. Clark.

Keep it away from magnetic objects or sensitive objects such as computer disks, credit cards or electronic devices.


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