Ozone Generator

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Produces ozone by breaking the oxygen molecules using a strong electrical charge. It is used to produce ozonized water and oil.


The Ozone Generator produces ozone by breaking the oxygen molecules using a strong electric charge. It is used to produce ozonized water and oil.

This device produces ozone that travels through a hose that goes from the device to the water, oil or food.

Ozone is an element made out of 3 oxygen atoms. It is a natural disinfectant that eliminates parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxins and more in just a matter of seconds. Nowadays, ozone is included in lots of therapies with excellent results.

How Ozone benefits our health:

  • Acts as an antioxidant*.
  • Increases our body’s defenses*.
  • Improves our circulatory system*.
  • Eliminates all sorts of pathogen microorganisms*.
  • Purifies and disinfects water*.

How to use the Ozone Generator?

In water:

Dr. Hulda Clark advices we should drink at least 2 glasses of ozonized water per day. It is advised to drink it with an empty stomach every morning and to wait about 20 minutes to ingest any food.

To ozonize water please follow this procedure:

  • Insert the diffuser stone inside the ozonator’s hose.
  • Introduce the stone inside the glass or container filled with water you wish to ozonize.
  • Turn the device’s knob up to the amount of time you wish to ozonize your water. For one glass mark 5 minutes and for a liter mark 15 minutes.

In Oil:

Dr. Clark performs her parasite cleanse to eliminate ascaris eggs and tenia larvae using ozonized oil. This oil can also be used in liver cleanses. Just as with ozonized water, it is recommended to drink the oil with an empty stomach. You may also use the ozonized oil externally for skin treatments.

To ozonize oil, the process is the same as with water but you should program the device to work between 10 to 20 minutes. Ozonized oil can last up to 5 days inside the fridge.

In food:

Certain vegetables have parasite eggs which do not disappear completely when washed with water. Dr. Clark says it is dangerous to disinfect vegetables using bleach since it is an extremely toxic and highly radioactive product.

Dr. Clark recommends to ozonize food to eliminate all sorts of pathogens, viruses and bacteria these might contain*.

To ozonize food, place the items inside a plastic bag and close it. Proceed to introduce the generator’s hose inside the bag and signal the amount of time you wish to ozonize the items. After the time is up keep the items inside the bag for about 10 to 15 more minutes to complete the process.


  • The ozone generator does not eliminate metal.
  • Do not use the device on medicine or nutritional supplements.
  • Do not exceed the indicated recommendations about the ingest of ozonized oil.

Ozone output: 400 mg/h.
Power source: AC 120 +-10% 50Hz.
Power: 15W.
Air and sterilization range: 45m3.
Timer: 30 minutes.


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