Passive Aerobic Exerciser

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Device to reduce stress and increase wellness through relaxing massages.

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The passive aerobic exerciser helps you to achieve the same results you would get from simple exercises without adding any stress to the spine or other body parts.

In ancient Asian cultures, the balance between positive and negative forms in the body is called chi. This device has a gentle side to side rocking motion which will help you to get optimum results while also maintaining the proper chi balance and oxygen supply to the body and acting as an effective remedy for those with circulatory problems in their legs and feet and even for those who do not suffer from any of these ailments.

By using this device regularly, you will be able to reduce stress and achieve relaxation thanks to its relaxing massage movement which will produce a sense of immediate well-being.

The Passive Aerobic Exerciser includes:

  • 14 different speed adjustments.
  • 95 – 175 rotations per minute.
  • User-friendly remote with 1-touch buttons.
  • Auto timed programs of 5-minute intervals (5 ~ 30 min).
  • Easy carrying handle.


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