Program Drivers for VariZapper 2.0

USD 15.00

Electronic preprogrammed cards with specific frequencies for each pathology.



Program Drivers are electronic preprogrammed cards with specific frequencies for many health conditions. Dr. Clark’s Research Association develops them.

In all her books, Dr. Clark emphasizes that all diseases are linked to parasites, viruses, fungi, or bacteria. With VariCards or program drivers, the zapper treatment is even more complete and beneficial since it provides greater accuracy in fighting certain health conditions.

What is the main difference between normal zapping and frequency zapping?

Through normal zapping, we can clean our body in a general way from all kinds of pathogens, favoring the circulatory, lymphatic, and immune systems.

On the other hand, frequency zapping is directed at specific pathogens, helping to focus on a particular health condition.

How to use Program Drivers?

These are the necessary steps to perform a frequency zapping session with the preprogrammed cards:

  1. Turn your VariZapper 2.0 on.
  2. Place the card inside the slot located on the bottom of the device.
  3. Move the turning wheel until you reach the option VariCard.
  4. Move the turning wheel to the right to initiate treatment.

Each program card is different, so some therapy sessions, such as the pauses, voltage, etc., may last longer than others.

Note: Each program driver card can be loaded on one device only.

Z759 Acne
Z743 Acúfenos (Tinnitus)
Z708 Advanced Cancer
Z701 Allergies
Z754 ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
Z724 Alzheimer’s
Z725 Arthritis
Z702 Asthma
Z750 Bronchitis
Z715 Cancer
Z753 Children’s Diseases
Z704 Chronic Fatigue
Z721 Common Bacteria
Z726 Common Fungi – includes bowel and vaginal fungi and yeast such as Candida
Z722 Common Parasites
Z723 Common Viruses
Z740 Cystitis
Z746 Cysts (Quistes)
Z727 Depression
Z705 Diabetes
Z756 Digestive/Enteric Problems
Z728 Colitis/Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Z744 Earache
Z735 Endometriosis
Z706 Epilepsy/Seizures
Z736 Eyes
Z707 Fibromyalgia
Z709 The Flu
Z714 Headaches and Migraines
Z712 Heart
Z729 Helicobacter pylori
Z761 Hepatitis B
Z711 Herpes
Z703 High Blood Pressure
Z741 Hormonal Imbalances
Z742 Infertility
Z730 Crohn’s Disease
Z718 Kidneys
Z716 Liver/Cholesterol
Z737 Lyme Disease
Z751 Meningitis
Z748 Menopausal Dysfunctions
Z717 Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Z758 Onco Viruses
Z747 Ovarian Cysts
Z760 Pets
Z738 Pain
Z731 Parkinson’s
Z752 Pneumonia
Z719 Prostate
Z755 Sexually Transmissible Diseases
Z732 Sinusitis
Z710 Skin Problems
Z749 Sore Throat
Z745 Stomach Ulcers
Z733 Super Wide Sweep – sweeps the whole range the zapper can cover with Wide Spektrum Technology
Z762 Tapeworms (Tenia)
Z739 Teeth
Z757 Tropical Diseases
Z763 Tropical Dysentery
Z720 Tumors
Z734 Warts (Verrugas)


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