ReBuilder Conductive Gloves

USD 175.00

These gloves are woven with a special conductive thread that evenly distributes the signal sent by ReBuilder. One size fits all.


These gloves favor conductivity for a better distribution of ReBuilder’s stimulation. However, they come in just one size that fits all and is NOT included with ReBuilder®.

How to use the conductive gloves with the electrolyte solution?

  • Spray each glove with the solution at a 15cm approximate distance. Apply the spray evenly over the whole glove until it is moist. Keep it moist, spraying the electrolyte solution when necessary.
  • Place each hand inside the gloves gently, do not pull or tug to avoid stretching them out.

Connecting the push buttons:

Press each push button on each glove until secure, then connect one end of the cables to each push button and the other to the ReBuilder. Clicking the push buttons inside or outside your wrist will be no alteration.

use of conductive gloves with rebuilder

How do I place my hands during ReBuilder treatment?

Sit down and place your hands over a table or your legs. Keep both hands separate to avoid the gloves having contact with each other. It may cause the ReBuilder signal not to be conducted through your nerves.

Gloves cleaning and care

Hand washes each glove with mild soap once or twice a week. Do not tumble dry.

To help maintain the conductive gloves in optimal functioning conditions, unhook them from the cables and let them dry after each treatment session.

For personal hygienic purposes, this item is not-returnable.


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