ReBuilder Conductive Socks

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These socks are woven with a special conductive thread which evenly distributes the signal sent by ReBuilder. One size fits all.

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These socks allow a greater level of comfort and efficiency during ReBuilder treatment. They give a better result over toes, reaching a superior level of stimulation. One size fits all. NOT included with ReBuilder®.

How to use with the electrolyte solution?

  • Place each sock on each feet and spray them over with the electrolyte solution.
  • Spray them until they are moist.
  • As soon as you feel them drying, spray them over with the electrolyte solution again.

These socks are one size fits all and are molded to the foot. Try not to tug on the sock once it is on since you will stretch and ruin it.

Placing the push buttons on:

Place each push button on the connectors until secure and then connect one end of the cable to each push button and the other end to the device. There is no problem if the push buttons seem to be inside-out.

use of conductive socks with the rebuilder

Getting treatment with the socks

Place yourself in a comfortable position in which you can elevate your feet. The feet should not be too near to each other since the impulse will not spread to all the nerves. Connect one end of the cable to the push button and the other end to the device’s output exit.

How should I clean the socks?

Wash them with mild soap once or twice a week. Do not tumble dry.

It is very important that once you have finished treatment you remove the cable from the push button, this way the cable will last longer.

For personal hygienic purposes, this item is not-returnable.


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