ReBuilder FootPads

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These footpads are made out of the same conductive threat from which ReBuilder’s socks and gloves are made out of. Because of their size, the footpads increase ReBuilder’s signal.

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These new footpads are very easy and comfortable to use. You just place them on the floor and place your feet on top of them; one for the left foot and the other one for the right foot.

They do not wear out since you just place your feet on top of them, making them last longer. On their back side they have non-slip rubber which prevents any trace of humidity to get to the floor. They can be stored really easily, just roll them up and place them inside ReBuilder’s carrying case. These footpads are ideal and practical for travelling.

By using the footpad which will cover the whole sole of the foot, ReBuilder’s signal will be able to be sent with maximum effectiveness. When the footpad is applied to the foot, the signal will be received by all individual digits, stimulating the rest of the foot at the same time.

Since the signal gets dispersed over a big are, the signal’s intensity may be stronger while it travels from foot to foot. Allowing a more efficient treatment.

using footpads with the rebuilder

How to use ReBuilder’s FootPads?

If you have any problems with your big toe, then just place the remaining toes over the footpad. Place a pillow behind the knee so the leg and heel are elevated.

To treat your hands, place your hands over the footpads which should be placed over your lap or over a table.

use of rebuilder footpads in your hands

To treat affected fingers place the pads over your lap or over a table and place just the tips of your fingers over the pad while the rest of the arm is resting over the armrests of a chair.

To alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, place one of the footpads under the fingertips and the other one under the forearm.

Cleaning and Care

ReBuilder FootPads are made out of the same material the annular electrodes, gloves and socks are made out of. They can be hand washed with a mild soap. To dry them you can just hang them or lay them flat. Do not machine wash them or tumble dry them.

These footpads are designed to comply with the specific electric parameters from ReBuilder’s system, with the same great quality all other ReBuilder products have.

For personal hygienic purposes, this item is not-returnable.


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