Tooth Zappicator

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Device specially developed to cleanse our mouth from all kinds of substances that may have adhered to it over time.


Tooth Zappicator is a device that connects to the VariZapper and who’s main purpose is to cleanse the mouth from all sorts of substances that may adhere to it over time. Similar to a toothbrush, the Tooth Zappicator eliminates traces of metal, solvents, artificial coloring and other toxic substances accumulated on the teeth, gums, roof of the mouth and cheeks.

By using the Tooth Zappicator, the material used in your dental fillings will harden preventing harmful elements from entering your body. It prevents malonic acid and artificial coloring from plastic dental pieces to come loose and it gets rid of any mercury traces that might remain inside your mouth after removing metal fillings from the teeth.

How to use the Tooth Zappicator?

  • Connect the device to the positive exit on the Varizapper.
  • It is recommended to secure the Varizapper on top of a table to prevent it from falling.
  • Cover the Tooth Zappicator with a clear plastic bag to avoid contamination with saliva when performing the treatment in your mouth.
  • Turn the Varizapper on and select the Zappicator option in the program menu.
  • Place the top part of the device over each section of the mouth for 3 minutes.
  • Zap the teeth and molar son each jaw on their 3 sides, exterior, interior and upper.
  • Continue the treatment on the roof of the mouth, under the tongue and insides of the cheeks.


  • Do not use the device over metal fillings.
  • You may zap the whole mouth in one day or divide it in sections to do one per day.
  • Results are permanent.
  • Drink plenty of water after treatment to ease residue expulsion.

VariZapper NOT included.


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