Umbilical Cord Cell Extract Set x 10

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High quality product with essential substances for cell nutrition that will stimulate cellular metabolism. Set of 10 vials. Worldwide FREE Shipping.


Umbilical Cord Cell Extract contains the essential substances for cell nutrition that will stimulate cellular metabolism. This promotes the repair system and thus takes care of a healthy immune system. Topical and drinkable use.

The package includes a set of 10 vials.

Inmune system as the key to a good health

Our immune system serves the function of protecting us from any pathogen that wants to stalk us like viruses, bacteria and fungi, etc. Negative factors such as stress, poor diet and environmental loads and aging can cause a decrease in our defense system, the onset of chronic diseases and limited well-being.

what is the mesenchyme

What is the mesenchyme?

The main function of the mesenchymal cells (e.g. umbilical cord) is to keep the defense system and its metabolism in good condition.

The umbilical cord of mesenchymal cells are the framework of different organs and tissues of the body, such as:

  • Connective tissue
  • Bones and cartilage
  • Skin and fat tissue
  • Walls of the glasses

Blood is made up of mesenchymal cells

Mesenchymal blood cells are formed in the Thymus gland. They can reach almost all tissues through the bloodstream. Its main functions include:

  • Supply cells with nutritious substances and take care of cell growth and maintenance.
  • Helps cells that are defective secondary to aging, environmental toxics or metabolism disorders.

mesenchymal cells

Mesenchymal cells help defense cells in their fight against invaders. Also have the ability to Immediately recognize sick cells and protect them from being destroyed.

What effect does pathogen have over mesenchymal cells?

A living pathogen, such as the flu virus, can be quickly rejected by the body, without compromising the function of mesenchymal cells. However, if the immune system, and the mesenchyme is not working properly, the processes in the different cells (cellular metabolism) can no longer occur in the required proportions and with the necessary speed. This usually leads to chronic (long-lasting) diseases.

When does the body have a deficiency?

In case of diseases, in which there is involvement of the immune system:

  • Predisposition to infections
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases
  • Tumors
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Allergies

For diseases attributed to a mesenchymatic system disorder:

  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Skin conditions (e.g. neurodermitis)
  • Limitations on the function of important organs of the body originated by age

Damage in mesenchymal stem cells occurs in three stages:

  • First phase: Mesenchymal cells are continuously attacked by pathogens.
  • Second phase: Cells react to permanent load by reducing their cellular metabolism.
  • Third phase: The structure of cells and tissue is modified.

umbilical cord improves the immune system and its metabolism

Umbilical Cord Cell Extract: Repair System

The dosage is 2-3 vials of umbilical cord cell extract per week, for 1 month. Topical and drinkable use. Umbilical Cord Cell Extract Therapy may be combined with other Organ Extract Therapies.

In the case of post-operative patients or patients with post-treatment of serious diseases, we recommend 2 vials of Thymus Cell Extract with 2 vials of Umbilical Cord Cell Extract per week, for a period of 4 to 6 weeks.


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