VariGamma 2.0

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It is a programmable frequency generator.

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VariGamma 2.0 is a programmable device that allows the user to generate new frequencies that will work in a more specific way. VariGamma has all VariZapper functions and additionally has the option to customize new programs with other frequencies and record them inside the device or in empty Varicards for later use.

You can make its programs using either Dr. Clark’s or Dr. Rife’s frequency listing but you can also program frequencies developed by other researchers as well.

VariGamma 2.0 allows you to customize several parameters during programming, among these we can find frequency selection, wave form, voltage, execution time, pause time, offset, contact control, among others.

varigamma dr clark

VariGamma 2.0 new features:

  • More precision due to new generation components used on the electrical part of the device.
  • The device comes equipped with a battery that can be recharged by connecting it to an electricity source.
  • Each battery charge has longer use time.
  • The device system shows an alert message on the screen when the battery reaches a low level that will not allow the user to end the zapping session.
  • This new model has a bigger screen with a better resolution so the user can see treatment options better.
  • The user can download and save the frequencies that come inside the Program Drivers inside the device so you can use them when you wish, with no restrictions.
  • You can download the program drivers through an app in your Smartphone, turning the physical program drivers into something optional.
  • You can navigate through the device’s options with the turning Wheel which will make the device more user friendly.

The package includes:

  • VariBase 2.0
  • VariGamma 2.0 Module
  • Resistant plastic case
  • Cables
  • Charging cable
  • 2 Wrist bands
  • 2 pairs of adhesive electrodes


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