VariZapper 2.0

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It is a frequency generator device invented by Dr. Hulda Clark. VariZapper 2.0 is the latest zapper model with some upgrades such as rechargeable inner battery, easy to use, big screen with high resolution.

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VariZapper 2.0 is an electronic device designed by Dr. Hulda Clark.

The zapper generates 30 KHz square waves of positive offset. It transforms a continuous current into a pulsated current with a really low voltage, but with a really high frequency.

VariZapper 2.0 Use

Varizapper 2.0 is pretty easy to use, first you have to moisten the wrist bands that come included with the device and place them on each wrist. Then you should turn the zapper on and select the program mode you wish to use for the treatment session. You can also perform the treatment session by using the adhesive electrodes instead of the wrist bands, in this case you have to place the electrodes over the are on which you wish to alleviate this symptom.

zapper use hulda clark

VariZapper 2.0 can be used in 4 different ways:

1. Standard Mode.

This is the regular mode and it consists of 3 zapping sessions and 2 pauses.

2. Continuous Mode.

The Varizapper works non-stop for an hour which makes the treatment more intense than standard mode.

3. Zappicator Mode.

With this mode you connect the Zapper to the Food Zappicator and change the food polarity to north.

4. Varicards.

These are chips which have specific program frequencies inside of them which are not included inside Varizapper’s standard frequency range.

Varizapper SHOULD NOT be used by those with the following conditions:

  • Pacemakers.
  • Metallic prosthesis.
  • Pregnancy.

Zapper Features

  • Designed by modules, Dr. Clark’s zapper is divided in 2 modules: VariBase and VariZapper.
  • LCD screen with big type letters and battery, mode, voltage and timer indicators.
  • Allows the insertion of Varicards, preprogrammed SD cards with frequencies.
  • Easy to use and handle, presents it interface in several languages.
  • The device lets you know once the current flow stops through a sound alert.
  • It automatically turns off when the treatment finishes.
  • Approved as a medical device by the Swiss and European communities.
  • Includes a very practical protective case to make it easy for the user to travel with it.
  • Its use is suitable for both adults and children and even for pets (cats and dogs).

varizapper package

The package includes:

  • VariZapper 2.0
  • Resistant plastic case
  • Connector Cable
  • 2 wrist bands
  • One pair of adhesive electrodes
  • 9v Battery
  • Instruction manual

Size: 14cm x 7cm
Weight: 0.5 Kg
Battery: 9v
Voltage: Can be regulated between 0.1 y 15v
Works with 30 Hz in zapper mode and 1.000 Hz in zappicator mode (Food zapper or dental zapper)


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