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Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer 48 Reports

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer 48 Reports

4th Generation Quantum Analyzer. 48 Reports

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The 4th Generation Quantum Analyzer comes with a complete different software, more understandable graphics and easy to read. It has a very practical and descriptive menu, where you can edit reports, direct the analysis where you would like and many other characteristics. Suggestions and comments may be edited too, regarding the medical condition that the health professional has.

How to use it?

  1. Install the software in your computer.
  2. Connect all the wires; the USB cable and the USB key to the PC, the metallic bar to the device.
  3. Open the software, while the patient holds the metal bar in his or her hand and choose to start the test.
  4. In about 1 minute, the analysis result will show up.


  1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular 
  2. Gastrointestinal functional
  3. Large intestine function
  4. Hepatic function
  5. Gallbladder function
  6. Pancreatic function
  7. Kidney function
  8. Lung function
  9. Brain nerve
  10. Bone condition
  11. Bone mineral density
  12. Rheumatoid bone disease
  13. Bone growth rate
  14. Blood glucose
  15. Trace elements
  16. Vitamins
  17. Amino acids
  18. Coenzyme
  19. Fatty acids
  20. Endocrine system
  21. Immune system
  22. Thyroid 
  23. Human toxins
  24. Heavy metals
  25. Basic physical condition 
  26. Allergies
  27. Obesity
  28. Skin
  29. Eyes
  30. Collagen
  31. Meridians or Acupuncture channels
  32. Pulse, brain and heart
  33. Blood lipids
  34. Gynecology (female)
  35. Breasts (female)
  36. Menstrual cycle (female)
  37. Prostate (male)
  38. Male sexual function (male)
  39. Sperm and semen (male)
  40. Human elements 
  41. Expert analysis
  42. Hand analysis
  43. Trace elements (children)
  44. Vitamins (children)
  45. Amino acids (children)
  46. Coenzymes (children)
  47. Fatty acids (children)
  48. ADHD (children)

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