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ReBuilder FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about ReBuilder

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ReBuilder has been on the market since 1988, and during this time, it has had a 94% rate of success in the cases it has been used. This means that through its personal use and during clinical studies, almost 500.000 patients have seen a notorious improvement in their symptoms.

Many drugs can mask neuropathic pain by numbing the nerve, which might help the patient. However, by numbing the nerves, these drugs also inhibit their sensitivity, handicapping their sensory perceptions and affecting the patient’s balance, walking, and cognitive function while causing other side effects.

Most of these annoying symptoms disappear entirely during treatment with ReBuilder. In addition, with continuous use, the patient’s post-treatment lifestyle improves drastically. After about 6 to 8 weeks of treatment, twice a day, 30 minutes per session, most patients reduce the use of the device to only 2 to 3 times per week without any side effects, unlike drugs.

Not at all!!!

ReBuilder’s signal feels like a pleasant pulsating tingle, which some of our clients describe as an internal massage: nice and comfortable.

Yes, ReBuilder therapy works regardless of the origin of the neuropathy, whether it is peripheral, diabetic, or any other sort of neuropathy or pain caused by neural damage.

When the light-up indicator on the ReBuilder lights up, the device is working and generating a pulse.

To test the electrode cables, hold an electrode on each hand (you can ask someone with a healthy nervous system to do it for you) and manually increase ReBuilder’s intensity until you feel a pulsating sensation. You can get the garments you use if you think it is necessary to increase conductivity.

If you are wondering if ReBuilder has reduced your symptoms, this depends on each particular case. Usually, during a 30-minute session, the pain will disappear completely, and you will experience a considerable pain reduction during the next 2 – 4 hours. Your symptoms and pain will diminish gradually with each treatment.

Peripheral nerves need time to restore and regenerate, and the brain will have to reconnect and learn how to decode the new signals it receives from the now healthy nerves.

If you are taking any drug for neuropathic pain, results may take longer to appear unless you can reduce your drug consumption with your doctor’s aid. The reason is that painkillers block nerve signals and, unfortunately, worsen your neuropathic condition as time goes by.

Yes, ReBuilder will alleviate chronic pain and burning sensation and reduce inflammation associated with reflecting sympathetic dystrophy and complex regional pain syndrome.

Yes, you can use the ReBuilder on shoulders, knees, elbows, fingers, and even the back with certain accessories.

You should use the ReBuilder twice daily for 30 minutes during the first three weeks; after this period, you will notice a significant difference in your symptoms and experience little to no neuropathic pain.

Our bodies are different, just like our neuropathic conditions; some people experience burning and tingling sensations in their arms and legs due to their neuropathic condition, while others experience numbing and loss of balance, so we can say that the frequency adjustment for each ReBuilder Treatment will be different on each individual.

We recommend you follow the instructions in the booklet with the device and set the frequency according to what feels comfortable for you.

Do not use ReBuilder without consulting with your doctor if you have any of the following conditions:

  • A peacemaker or a defibrillator to treat your heart condition.
  • Pregnancy.

Do not use ReBuilder near the neck area, surrounding the heart over the genital region.

ReBuilder treatment sessions can be adjusted to your convenience. Please wait at least five hours between each session. For example, you can take one therapy in the morning and one session in the afternoon after 6 pm.

You can experience muscle pain and tiredness if you use the device with high intensity and for long periods. in this case, you should stop using the device for a few days and wait until your muscles recover. Then, when you restart your treatment, you should start with a low frequency and increase it slowly until you reach the higher frequencies.

We recommend 2 ReBuilder treatment sessions daily: one 30-minute session in the morning and another 30-minute at night. There should be at least a 5-hour gap between each treatment session.

We recommend you continue your ReBuilder treatment sessions for at least three weeks, after which you will notice a substantial reduction in your symptoms and neuropathic pain if it hasn’t subsided already.

After three weeks, you will be able to customize your treatment sessions according to your needs. You may wish to continue with two 30-minute sessions per day, or maybe you want to diminish your sessions to just one per day or one every two days, which will depend on you and your experience and how long it takes your nerves to strengthen. But, again, each body and the neuropathic condition is different, and you will be able to tell if you wish to continue with the treatment after three weeks or not.

Yes, you can use ReBuilder for shorter periods; however, in our experience, having two 30-minute sessions per day for at least three weeks has produced better and optimal results.

There are two ways of approaching the treatment of a patient with a diabetic foot ulcer or an open wound:

  1. Place an adhesive electrode over the damage so the signal can go through the injury.
  2. Using a conductive sock, just cut out the area of the garment that would touch the wound.

The main challenge is avoiding contact with the open wound to limit the possibility of infection.

If the patient uses “Restore” during their treatment in the morning at their house or office during the day, they will have more energy and a better mental state, which can also contribute to their comfort. Niacin contained in Restore can produce vasodilation on the skin, which would also help cure the wound. You can buy a soft cushion or cut a regular sponge in the shape of a circle with a hole in the middle and place it around the wound patient, avoiding direct pressure over it. Finally, you may consider treating the wound directly with hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant.

Electricity exists as two poles, positive and negative poles. Just as a car battery has two terminals and all the electrical wiring in your house requires two terminals, any electrical stimulation equipment needs two opposite poles to allow the electron flow and waveforms to go from one bar to the other. If you connect one single electrode or conductive garment, nothing will happen since you have not completed the circuit. It is just a physics fact.

ReBuilder is a unique kind of TENS device. It is designed to treat chronic, untreatable pain in both hands and feet, which are symptoms commonly associated with diseases such as peripheral neuropathy and other neurological disorders. Two connections are necessary for ReBuilder to complete the circuit between the extremities. For this reason, such extremities should be treated simultaneously on two separate areas with identical conductive garments.

Because of the anatomical differences, you will receive a right sock for the right food and a left sock for the left foot. The same applies to the gloves. Therefore, you will receive a suitable glove for the right hand and a left glove for the left hand.

Typical TENS devices can overcharge our nerves and send natural impulses in extremely high frequencies. All users will receive the same signal without any variation stopping all their regular nerve impulses (sensory and motor), which can result in permanent damage.

Typical TENS do not make any difference between motor and sensory nerves and overstimulate muscles, causing imbalances and falls. For all these reasons, using these devices is not recommended in neuropathy treatment.

On the other hand, ReBuilder devices adjust themselves to the peculiarities of each patient’s ailment, using their microprocessors to calculate the signal they should send and the frequency so they can rehabilitate the nerve and control all the symptoms.

ReBuilder is a complex technology device: it has three microprocessors which is at a higher computing level than an iPhone and can perform more functions than a regular pacemaker, so if we try and calculate, we are paying less for this sort of technology comparing it to similar devices and this we would have to add manufacturing, quality control, operative personnel, distribution and promotion besides the fees for government licenses and regulations.

We should remember that the device will save you money on drugs, surgeries, and many other things you, as a patient, will not have to invest since you are using this device, so we can say that it pays for itself. Besides, the power of having freedom of movement and independence is undoubtedly priceless.

ReBuilder devices have a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects. If something happens to your device, you should email us about the problems you are having with the device, and we will help you. If the problem cannot be fixed via email, you should return the device to the manufacturer, and in that case, we will help you through this process.

In the case of accessories, they have a 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects. However, if you receive any faulty accessories, you should reach us by email, and we will help you with this matter.

If your device has any problems caused by water damage, falls, or other circumstances that do not pertain to manufacturing defects, you can send it in and have it checked and repaired for a fee. To learn more about this service, you should contact us through email, and we will proceed to help you.