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Adhesive Electrodes

Adhesive Electrodes

1 set of 4 pads.

USD 11.50

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Adhesive Pads replacement

These are replacement adhesive electrodes with a long duration to be used in conjunction with the ReBuilder® treatment.

There are 2 pairs included (4 electrodes).

How to use:

  1. Before applying the electrodes the area must be clean and free of any lotions or oils as this will make the pads not to stick to the skin.
  2. Switch the equipment off before applying the adhesive pads.
  3. The cable has two ends, the end where the pin is must be into the adhesive pad and the other one connected to the device.
  4. In order to remove the adhesive pads from their sheath, you must lift the corner of the pad and peel it off then firmly apply it to the skin. Its adhesion gets better once the pads reach the body temperature. Keep the sheath in a safe place for storage after treatment.
  5. For the pads to last longer while being placed on to the skin, dampen the skin very lightly before being applied.


  1. Before removing the pads turn the device off.
  2. Do not pull the cables whilst removing the pads, lift very careful each edge and peel it off gently.
  3. Put the pads back on the sheath and very slowly start removing the cable.


  • The adhesive pads are to be used by one person only. Do not share them.
  • Put the pads on and adjust the level of intensity you wish to have throughout the treatment.
  • Not to be applied on irritated skin or open wound. Stop using the product if you experience and form of rash and contact your doctor. Do not use while driving or operating any machinery.
  • The pads are not made with natural latex ingredients.


  • Store them in their Ziploc bag in a dry, cool place.
  • The duration of the adhesive pads varies depending on how many times they are being used, its care, cleaning, also if the skin presents any problem. Following all of the instructions given, their life will be prolonged.

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