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Conductive Gloves for ReBuilder®

Conductive Gloves for ReBuilder®

It is made out from special and fine threat that helps with the conductivity.

USD 150.00

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It is made out from special and fine threat that helps with the conductivity in order to achieve a better distribution of stimulation performed by the ReBuilder®.

- It comes in one adjustable size only.
- ReBuilder® is not included.

How to use the conductive gloves with Signa Spray?

Spray each glove with the Signa Spray at a distance of approximate 15cm. Spray it evenly around the glove until they are humid. Put the gloves on and keep them damp spraying on them again until it is necessary.

Introduce your hand softly in each glove, do not pull the glove otherwise they will stretch.

conductive gloves and signa spray

Connecting the broach:

By putting pressure on each broach in the gloves, connect the cables to each broach and the other end of the cable to the ReBuilder®. There is no problem at all if the broach is inside out from your wrist.

How to place the hands during treatment with the ReBuilder®?

Sit comfortably and place your hands on a table or on your lap. Keep your hands separately to avoid contact with the gloves, as this can cause the signal not to be delivered to the nerves.

Care and Cleaning of the Gloves:

Wash the gloves with a mild detergent once or twice a week. Do not use dryer machine.

Note: In order to keep the gloves in a good condition, un-broach them and take off the connectors after each treatment.

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