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ReBuilder® 300 Neuropathy Treatment Basic Kit

ReBuilder® 300 Neuropathy Treatment Basic Kit

ReBuilder® 300 is medical device for neuropathy treatment*. Designed for personal use, does not require professional assistance.
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The ReBuilder® 300 Basic Kit includes:

- The ReBuilder® 300 Electronic Stimulator
- 1 Pair of Adhesive Electrodes
- 1 Lead Wire
- Carry Case
- Instructions for Use
- Warranty card

The ReBuilder® 300 is an intelligent medical device, is very easy to use.

It is an electronic neuropathy treatment*. The ReBuilder® treatment is safe, effective and has no side effects. This "intelligent" device has a built-in microprocessor that sets the parameters of treatment according to the body mass of the person who is using it and the area to be used. It measures the physiological functions of the nerves and modifies the treatment according to the individual therapeutic needs*.

At first it sends the signal to analyze the waveform of nerves and determine if any abnormalities exist, then create a specific wavelength to correct the anomaly achieving reestablish connectivity and nerve transmission*.

As its name implies the ReBuilder® reconstructs the peripheral nervous system*. The result is a fast pain relief, safe, no need to take medicine for pain*. It doesn’t matter if it is a neuropathy caused by the diabetes called "diabetic neuropathy", or if the neuropathy was caused by chemotherapy or any other cause. It is suitable for all types of neuropathy*.

The ReBuilder® treatment has many other applications. It relaxes muscle spasms, prevents or delays the atrophy of these due to lack of use, increases local circulation*. It also prevents venous thrombosis, increases range of movement of the upper and lower limbs*. All this makes the ReBuilder® to be ideal to treat chronic and intractable pain such as relieving postsurgical and post-traumatic pain*.

The ReBuilder® stimulates the brain to release endorphins into the circulatory system*. Endorphins are natural painkillers produced by the body to relieve any pain. So the ReBuilder® is very effective not only for treating neuropathy but also for relief of pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, lower back, CIDP, post-polio, PAD, PVD, MS, MD and others*. In addition, it is excellent to reduce anxiety and stress*.

The ReBuilder® is contraindicated for people with pacemakers, pregnant women, people suffering from thrombophlebitis (blood clots). Consult your doctor if you are in one of the categories of thesis.

The ReBuilder® 300 Basic Kit comes with adhesive pads and cables; you can start using it as soon as you get it. Additionally, there are other accessories that can be purchased separately or as part of other kits to complement an expanded treatment according to the specific case.


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Fully Registered with the FDA 
  • Battery Operated
  • Made in USA

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