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Results of Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Treatment

results of anti-ageing stem cell treatment

Results of Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Treatment

Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Therapy is an advanced and novel approach for slowing and even reversing the aging process in humans. Moreover, Anti-Ageing Stem Cell Therapy helps strengthen the remaining cells and encourages new healthy cell growth.

Patients who have undergone Stem Cell Treatment have reported the following improvements:

  • Improved appearance of the skin with reduced age spots, even skin tone, and fewer lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduced tiredness.
  • Improved energy, overall well-being, and vitality.
  • Relief from aches, pains, and stiffness in joints.
  • A boost in libido and activity.
  • Greater muscle strength and reduced flabbiness.
  • Better organ function.
  • Better cognition and memory.
  • Improved mood.

Cell Therapy can give humans a cellular “reboot” to keep them healthier for longer.

senescent cells

Ageing and Senescent Cells

Senescent cells are a major factor in ageing. In the young and healthy body, ageing cells kill themselves to make space for new, healthy cells by a process called apoptosis. New cells from the body’s stem cell pool replace the lost cells. Ageing cells which fail to kill themselves become senescent cells.

At a young age, the body’s immune system identifies and removes senescent cells from the body. With ageing, the ability of the body’s immune system to successfully clear senescent cells is reduced, causing senescent cells to accumulate.

Senescent cells are similar to cancer cells in many aspects, except for forming tumors. But they are harmful to the body, causing inflammation and preventing their replacement by new and healthy cells. Moreover, senescent cells secrete substances – the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP) – which prevent the body’s stem cells from repairing damaged tissue, promote age-related diseases, and induce healthy cells to become senescent. This downward spiral turns a rejuvenation process into an ageing process.

This way, senescent cells negatively affect organ and tissue functions, reducing the heart’s pumping function and the brain’s cognitive function and making skin wrinkle.

chronic low-grade inflammation

Inflame Ageing

In addition to the problems of ageing described above, senescent cells contribute to another hallmark of ageing: chronic low-grade inflammation, sometimes known as “inflame ageing”. It is a constant, low-grade chronic inflammation, quite different from acute inflammation, which typically subsides after a few days to weeks.

Many age-related diseases are linked to inflame-ageing, making it a significant risk factor for our health as we age.

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