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Stem Cells Therapy

Stem Cells Therapy

Stem Cells Therapy gives us the opportunity to regenerate, restore and repair our body. We seek to delay aging, a natural process that all human beings go through.

stem cells therapy

To understand what stem cell therapy is all about, we need to review the following basic concepts.

What is Aging?

It is the impact of time on the human body, and occurs on multiple levels:

  • Cell aging caused by free radicals.
  • Decrease of hormone levels.
  • Damages to the cells and tissues of the body caused by external elements such as pollution, exposure to toxins, poor diet, etc.
falta de energia

Decreased energy

mala calidad de sueño

Poor sleep quality

primeras arrugas

First wrinkles

pérdida de cabello

Hair loss

Signs of Aging

The majority of people begin to notice physical changes indicative of aging when they reach age 40 or earlier. The most common signs of aging are:

  • Decreased energy
  • Low mood
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin spots
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of skin texture
  • Degenerative diseases

In search of longevity...

All human beings want a long life, but a life filled with health and energy. We also want to maintain a good appearance by keeping our skin in the best possible condition.

With the help of the latest technological advances, regenerative medicine can now help you effectively manage the aging process through stem cells to maintain vitality, aging with health while still enjoying life.

Stem cells to maintain vitality

What are Stem Cells?

Cell Therapy with Stem Cells

A Stem Cell is a “generic” cell that can be renewed by making exact copies of itself indefinitely.

They are precursor cells from which mature cells develop or differentiate and then perform specific functions in the body’s tissues and organs.

A stem cell has the ability to produce specialized cells for almost all body tissues, such as heart muscle, brain tissue, liver tissue, or bone.

They are found in all humans and allow us to recover quickly from injury or degenerative diseases. They actively work to help restore the body by targeting damaged parts in order to repair them. However, as we age, the bone marrow decreases stem cell production in quantity and quality. Therefore, old people take longer to recover from illness or injury.

Where are Stem Cells obtained from?

Stem cells are obtained from either fetuses or fertilized eggs from pork, calf or lamb. They are currently used to treat diseases for which adequate therapy is not found.

Stem Cells Therapy is also applicable to treat chronic diseases and is also very beneficial for improving a person’s overall health and well-being.

The therapeutic mechanisms of action of stem cells can help improve mood, energy levels, sexual health, cardiovascular system after heart attacks, immune system, memory, etc. In addition, they help your body heal naturally by often avoiding invasive procedures.

By improving bodily functions, stem cell therapy can restore your vitality, mental agility, as well as a skin renewal for a younger appearance. Therefore they are ideal for anti-aging therapies.

Stem Cell Therapy as Anti-Aging Therapy

We are looking for an excellent state of internal health and well-being that is reflected outside our body

Cell Extracts

Cell Extracts, also called peptides or organ extracts, are taken from powerful animal organ cells in their first four hours of birth (Pigs, Lambs), thus manufacturing a group of nanometric substances that have preventive, restorative, regenerative and rejuvenating properties.

As a result, cell extracts are prepared from all organs, among them we can mention: Placenta Cell Extract, Umbilical Cord, Thymus, Cerebrum, etc.

Stem Cells Extracts Regenerate and Revitalize

Organ extract preparations also revitalize preventing aging in humans. They provide vitality, vigor and rekindle all the systems of the organism to strengthen their tireless work and activity.

Powerful stem cells from animal organs

In the whole process, the animal, which is raised in a special way and separated from the common access areas, to prevent any diseases is not harmed or mistreated in any way.

Laboratory Techniques for Stem Cells

The techniques used by laboratories for breeding, tissue-taking, quarantine, processing and packaging are strictly controlled by the European Community Health Commission.

Benefits of Stem Cells Therapy

  • Reduces healing time.
  • Alleviates pain and inflammation.
  • Reduces nerve damage.
  • Increases collagen production.
  • Reduces the need for surgery.
  • Generates new cells at the heart level, blood vessels, muscle, liver, bone, cartilage and brain cells.

Stem Cell Revitalization
Prevents, Stops and Reverses Cell Deterioration

Revitalization Therapy with Stem Cells

The main objective is to revitalize healthy and/or damaged organs, optimizing the function of possible structural changes, especially those predisposed by genetics or inheritance.

Revitalization with Stem Cells

The renewal of cell therapy has a medium and long-term effect, stimulating the body’s mechanisms for revitalization and recovery. Its therapeutic effect improves the quality of life in various types of degenerative diseases.

Stem Cells Revitalization:

  • Renews the body energy system.
  • Stimulates the organs and tissues involved.
  • Renews the life cycle of cellular nutrition.

Cell Revitalization treatments are recommended primarily as preventive therapies, as well as adjuvants in degenerative and aging pathologies since these disorders begin in cells long before symptoms appear.

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