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Terms and Conditions

Provita Health Store offers its services with conditions to accept these conditions. Do not access or use its services if you do not wish to be obliged by these conditions.

Store terms

In order to purchase any of our products or services through our website, you will have to fill in the following requirements: (a) being at least 18 years old, (b) providing valid billing information associated with a credit card or other payment method which you are authorized to use, and (c) to authorize via email to charge your credit card or any other kind of payment method with the price of the products or services you are inquiring about, along with taxes, fees or shipping expenses described on our website.

By using this site, you are declaring to be of legal age according to the state or province you live in and that you are giving us your consent to allow your underage dependents to use it.

We reserve our right to reject giving our services to anyone for any reason and at any given moment. The material presented on this site is provided just as general information and should not be used as the only source for decision-making in what is related to health or as a medical treatment without checking in with your doctor or health care provider first.

Responsibility Limitations

Provita Health Store makes an effort to offer precise content in their politics, prices, images, and product information. Prices and product availability can change without any previous notice. We make an effort to have only correct information on this website and do not take any responsibility for typing errors, technical inaccuracies, or changes in product packaging. This exemption in our responsibilities does not affect manufacturers’ warranty terms in any case.

Our products are subject to Price changes without warning. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue a product at any given moment without warning. We are not responsible for any product modification, price change, suspension, or discontinuation. The products offered are subject to returns or exchanges according exclusively to our return policies.

We do not offer any professional counseling or medical information.

Provita Health Store and its personnel do not offer medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and the information included in this website is only for informative purposes. Even though we offer information about our products by answering our visitors’ questions, we do not give any medical advice. As a result, you should never use the information obtained through our customer service personnel to diagnose or treat any health issue or in place of any drug or treatment prescribed by a professional.

Please check with your doctor or any other medical provider if you have any questions regarding your health before using any of our products. The FDA has not evaluated the affirmations contained in this webpage. Our products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Security Policy

Your personal information safety is a priority for Provita Health Store. Our web page pretends to offer the highest level of security.

Our store possesses a special SSL server (Secure Server Layer) that encrypts all the data sent from your browser to our server. The SSL protocol allows us to collect data, such as personal information, credit card details, etc., in a secure environment since the information collected in our forms is sent to our server in an encrypted way.

This protocol makes it impossible for your data to be manipulated or taken by people external to our Company while you are paying for your purchase.

Information Use

Provita Health Store respects your privacy. All information supplied to us will be handled with care, maintaining its integrity, and will only be used by us. Our services are offered under the condition that you accept these terms; your use of the website constitutes your acceptance of said terms. We can use your personal information to answer your questions and comments when you communicate with us through links or pages supplied in our services.

Purchases: If you purchase your items through our website, we will use your personal information to process your purchase, confirm your order, and ship out your items.
Email bulletins and sales: with your permission, we can use your personal information to send out bulletins, offers, and exclusive sales, as well as news about the products through email. We can also use it to manage our sales.

We have all the adequate security protocols to protect the information that our clients voluntarily give us when opening an account or placing an order. We are talking about financial information such as credit and debit card information, home address, and phone number. We do not share nor sell this information to third parties or publicity companies.

Voltage requirements

Please take into account that all our product except a few exceptions work with 110-220V for their use in the US and that they might not work in your country. It is the costumer’s responsibility to know its country’s voltage before plugging any device into the wall since the wrong voltage may permanently damage the unit and make the warranty void. It is possible you may need a voltage converter.

International orders

Certain credit cards may be blocked for international purchases. If you have any sort of trouble with your payment, we offer different payment options such as Western Union and MoneyGram.

The prices in our website are written in American Dollars. Unless it is otherwise specified, our prices do not include international shipping costs. The costumer will have to cover all customs fees, taxes and other handling fees in their country. If the costumer decides to reject the parcel and return it to us, he will the sole responsible of covering all shipping fees from and too the intended destination, as well as other taxes or charges which may be added by Provita Health Store.

All international shipments are made via USPS or FEDEX, being them the sole responsible for transportation and delivery of the parcel once Provita Health Store hands it to them. Provita Health Store is not responsible of possible delays in the estimated delivery time and does not refund any amount due to this. However, if you require from our help in what concerns to documentation, payment receipts, tracking information or even presenting a warranty claim, we are here to help within the limits we may consider necessary and proper. Please consider that we are doing this to help you, without assuming any responsibility over delays or loses. All mail services have their own established time frames which should be respected. In spite of all these clarifications, in our experience we know that international shipping services are pretty reliable and the offered time frames are pretty accurate since delays are not really frequent and loses are rare.

Damaged or defective items

All products sold by Provita Health Store are completely new, we do not sell used or re-manufactured items.

Any damaged, defective or wrong item will be replaced immediately or repaired without any additional fees if the client notifies us about the matter during the next 7 days following its reception. After this period of time you will not be able to use this warranty.

Conditions for Returns

You can return your order during the next 15 days following its shipping date and you will receive a refund minus shipping and handling fees including orders which are marked as free shipping. You will be discounted a 20% of the item’s value as return fee. All items should be in perfect conditions and in their original packaging and should have a return authorization number.

We are not responsible for returns that get lost or damaged during transit and we will not give any credit back to you until the items return to our warehouse in perfect conditions to be sold.

If you wish to return any item, please call 1-704-665-7809 or write an email to Any parcel that we receive that does not have a R.A.N will be rejected. Once your parcel reaches our offices, we will take between 3 to 10 days to process your return.

Returns on International Orders

By confirming your order to be shipped outside the US, you are accepting all the additional terms and conditions contained in this section.

We do not accept returns on international orders. If a parcel is rejected or returned by a costumer or customs office of the destination country, we will receive the parcel as long as it arrives in perfect conditions and we will proceed to refund the transactions minus shipping costs and return fees.

Shipping fees, customs fees and taxes are not refundable under any circumstance.

There are no exceptions to these policies, no matter the case.

Warranty Conditions

Most of our items carry a 1-year manufacturer warranty, except for the following cases:

Clark Products which have a 2-year warranty. For more information about them please check the following link:

ReBuilder Medical Products which carry lifetime warranty for manufacture defects. For more information about then please check the following link:

In order to make any sort of warranty effective you have to communicate with us and we will help you with the procedure. In case the product has to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repairs, they usually won’t cover shipping costs.

Conditions for International Orders

Warranty conditions on international orders are the same as in domestic orders described in the paragraph above. In order to make any warranty effective you should contact us and we will help you during this process with the manufacturer. International customers are responsible of shipping expenses when returning the items to the manufacturer for repairs or replacement and also for paying the shipping fees for the return of the item to them.

All our products are completely new; we do not sell used or re-manufactured items. We are not responsible for possible loses or wear the items may suffer during shipping or customs revisions.

Transportation Responsibility

Estimated shipping time registered in our quotes or in the Payment and shipping page are estimations and are not guaranteed. This estimated time frame may be affected by external factors over which Provita Health Store does not have any control, including wrong shipping addresses, customs delays or postal office restrictions.

Customs agencies in each country determine the amount you will have to pay due to taxes and other fees which should be covered since you are importing items. The buyer is responsible for these additional expenses; Provita Health Store is not responsible for these fees or the fees resulting in a delayed delivery or non-delivery of the items. It is the costumer’s responsibility to inform itself about custom laws including import quotas and possible restrictions. Provita Health Store does not offer any sort of insurance and is not responsible of loses or damages the items may suffer during transportation.